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The global software-as-a-service market is expected to reach $157 billion by 2020. In 2014, it was half this size. So these are seriously exciting times for the SaaS market. Are you looking for the next amazing SaaS idea that will capitalize on this growth? 

Here’s a look at 10+ SaaS ideas you can start executing: 

1. Show-Stopping CRM Software

Customer-relationship management software is an essential tool for any business that needs to manage its relationships with both current and potential customers. These tools aim at driving sales growth by collecting data about customer interactions in a way that will improve business relationships.

There are lots of CRM options on the market. But since new niches and industries are emerging at a breakneck pace, you could create a specialized offering that addresses emerging needs. Here’s the best part: You have lots of places to find inspiration. Just consider key platforms such as Salesforce and Freshsales.

2. Automation Software for Sales and Marketing 

For any business, sales and marketing are complicated. Statistically, 58% of sales time is wasted on poor prospects, which is why marketing teams around the world spend their time trying to source quality leads. Meanwhile, sales teams try to target the right prospects.

Lots of SaaS automation solutions out there try to help sales and marketing teams complete these tasks. Do you have a unique perspective that could help you create a new platform that will allow you to reign your industry? Perhaps you have insider information about your industry’s specific needs?

3. A SaaS Recruitment Platform

In the US, many businesses are facing a talent shortage. A shocking 73% of American businesses say they have difficulty finding skilled candidates for their vacancies. A range of factors have created this dynamic. So can you create a SaaS tool that could restore some type of balance?

Perhaps your platform could solve this talent shortage. For instance, could you give HR professionals a new way to connect with candidates and assess their talents? Or a new way to evidence the abilities and strengths of potential employees?

4. A Sophisticated Gateway for Universal Payments 

Every day, numerous eCommerce websites are created. In order to process payments, these websites need to communicate with banks and process customer payments. At this point,Universal Payment Gateways come into the mix, and act as liaisons between the two parties.

Merchant needs are constantly developing. While SaaS platforms like Stripe and PayPal are still popular, there’s always room for a niche provider who understands the needs of small merchants. These platforms have a tremendous earning potential. Could your universal payment gateway be the next one to take off?

5. Strong Cloud Security

Without a doubt, the cloud is here to stay. In today’s world, businesses call on cloud computing to execute a range of tasks and use a variety of applications and services. Many of these tasks are performed by a range of devices, which can result in tricky questions about data security.

Some SaaS platforms offer cloud security services that are capable of protecting activity that’s performed over virtualized IP addresses. But the needs of businesses are constantly changing. Could your cloud security platform meet the particular needs of some big businesses?

6. A Cohesive Management Platform for Legal Records

Legal records are as varied as they are complex. Courts of law, police forces, and lawyers all call on various records management systems, but there’s a shocking lack of consensus and efficiency.

There is definitely a need for a sophisticated, efficient records management system that could generate a SaaS form. Do you understand the legal world and the records-management challenges it faces? Perhaps your SaaS platform could address those needs while it’s playing an important role in society.

7. A Platform that Links Tenants and Landlords

In the US, a whopping 36.6% of households rent their homes, and this number is only continuing to rise. However, there’s often a lack of communication between tenants and landlords. Therefore, landlords often have to turn to expensive agents that can manage their properties.

It would be very exciting to see a fully featured SaaS platform that links tenants and landlords. For instance, this platform could accommodate the sharing and signing of contracts, the cataloguing of bills, and the lodging of complaints. If this kind of platform existed, it could go viral and become a SaaS powerhouse.

8. A Solution for Loyalty Marketing in Stores

Loyalty programs can drive serious amounts of value to retailers. They are tried and true ways to secure repeat customers and create positive customer experiences. But since their transition into the digital age hasn’t been quite as smooth, so there’s a space for a quality solution in loyalty marketing.

Imagine a platform where retailers could create a branded space for their customers to track t points, unlock new discounts, and make offers according to their activity. For instance, has a customer shared a post about your company on Facebook? If so, this activity could allow him to unlock extra points that he could put toward his next purchase.

9. A Platform for Text Mining 

Mining text involves finding related topics and categories. This practice is very useful, and there are countless businesses who would love to utilize a platform for it. Such a service would call on machine learning to digest the meaning of texts. This idea is called “sentiment analysis,” and it could help businesses in a variety of ways.

For example, let’s imagine that Coca-Cola wants to monitor the way its brand is being mentioned on social media. This kind of platform would help it keep track of whether the mentions are positive or negative. It could also be used on customer-success transcripts, text messages, and other forms of written text.

10. A Platform for Advanced Analytics 

Knowledge is power. As access to data is becoming less inhibited, many businesses are losing the advantage they traditionally held over their rivals. Today, the businesses that find themselves succeeding can interpret common data in new ways.

The world’s biggest businesses are focused on analyzing a broad range of data by using sophisticated machine learning and data-mining techniques. Could your SaaS platform operate in a particular niche that will offer businesses the insights they need to get ahead of the competition and attain success?

11. CRM Aimed at Freelancers

More and more people are leaving the traditional workplace to pursue freelance careers. So the global community of freelancers is an interesting target audience, and many of them require CRM that fits their particular needs. But many existing tools are too large and expensive.

Therefore, CRM for freelancers would help them manage tasks while they’re tracking conventional CRM functionality. This tool would help freelancers automate a lot of their acquisition work, which would give them the power to focus on the field they work in.

12. A Scheduler for Instagram Posts 

In recent years, social media marketing has taken a beating, in terms of efficacy. But many brands are reluctant to cut it out of their digital marketing strategies. To get the best results, these brands must think outside the box and go the extra mile.

Many social media managers use scheduling tools like HootSuite and SproutSocial. But many of these platforms don’t offer Instagram integration yet, given that API only went public recently. If you could create a sophisticated scheduling tool that helped your users find beautiful images across the web, you could provide an extremely valuable service.

13. A Detailed SaaS Blog

Perhaps you have a very high level of SaaS knowledge, but you’re not sure which business you should create. If so, why not share your knowledge in a blog?

If blogs and websites are treated as sophisticated publications that require the appropriate amount of attention and investment, a lot of money can be made in digital publishing. 

For instance, you could consider the following:

14. SaaS Consulting

Perhaps you have a lot of SaaS experience, but you’re not quite sure how to apply it to your own venture? If so, lots of budding SaaS platforms out there need direction and insight. Therefore, you could apply your skills as a consultant to various platforms.

Since the value of the SaaS market is set to steadily expand for years to come, there’s a lot of potential for new work. As a consultant, your input will be valued, and you’ll play an active role in shaping the next generation of SaaS platforms.


Feeling inspired? We hope this piece has ignited your imagination and given you a new perspective about the potential of SaaS. Want to discuss your idea with one of our experts? 

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