Best website designs 2019 (you can use for inspiration)


16 Best Website Designs

Here’s a closer look at the very best website designs for 2019. We hope you find something that you like!

1. ETQ Amsterdam

ETQ Amsterdam is a retailer of footwear that aims to offer a modern and minimalist approach to footwear. It launched its first physical store in 2015 and aims to offer a retail experience that also blends together art, events and design philosophy.

The company brings this mission to life in exhilarating fashion through a stunning website. The sleek website is as fashionable as the footwear the company offers, giving users a modern and attractive experience. Large, full-screen images contrast with delicate sans serif fonts to offer a sense of modernity.

2. Mikiya Kobayashi

Mikiya Kobayashi is a Japanese furniture designer who created his studio back in 2008. In the years since, he has worked with a range of companies to create amazing experiences and truly breathtaking designs.

As with the example above, this website calls upon large hero images and sans serif fonts to create an attractive and modern feel. Mikiya Kobayashi lets his work speak for itself with a beautiful grid of wonderful images. These are attractive and clickable, demonstrating how high-quality imagery is critical for websites focused on visual design.

3. ESPN Sports Programming

A change of pace from products to programming, ESPN is a leader in sports content and programming. It is a reference in the industry, electrifying audiences with heart-thumping action.

Its website makes amazing use of high-resolution images and video to capture the intensity of its programming. Gentle hover and transition effects stop the experience from being too jarring and encourages visitors to browse through the various sections of the website that are on offer.

4. Revols

Many websites are created to showcase a single product, as is the case with Revols. This company offer high-quality, custom-fit wireless earphones that boast a perfect fit, ultimate comfort, and premium sound.

When customers are shopping for a product, they want to learn as much as possible as quickly as possible. The Revols website reads like a landing page, putting information together in a logical and informative fashion. Visitors are able to learn more about the product, demonstrating the critical importance of well-crafted organization of content.

5. FiftyThree

FiftyThree oozes cool and it builds tools for creativity. The first product from the company was Paper, an immersive sketching app that empowers creatives to get down ideas in a natural way.

Its website is bold and clear, championing the company’s strong mission and brand. Evocative content is placed front and center, inspiring visitors with inspirational messaging and beautiful imagery. In this spirit, navigation is kept to a minimum and users are able to effortlessly cruise through the website.

6. Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley has been in operation since 1935 and it has cemented its reputation as a premier multinational investment bank and financial services company. Despite the maturity of the company, it aims to portray a modern look and feel.

The website blends together an approachable color scheme and gentle fonts to entice visitors. Hand-drawn illustration is blended alongside high-quality imagery, again underscoring just how important great design choices are to a cohesive website experience. In terms of performance, Morgan Stanley portrays its credentials through fast loading times.

7. Boosted

Boosted is a skateboard company with a mission. It wants to make cities fell smaller and commutes more enjoyable by offering boards that are designed and built to handle daily challenges with unparalleled power and control.

Aiming to communicate with a health-conscious and tech-savvy community, it’s critical that the website communicates the abilities and ethos of the company. Fast loading times and seamless navigation are on offer here, showing the importance of great user experience design. Information is impeccably organized too, showcasing the product in all its glory.

8. Kin

Kin is a hire onboarding tool that wants to help companies with the difficult process of onboarding new members of the team. The tool makes it simple for HR departments to answer common questions like where to eat and who’s who.

In the spirit of keeping things clear, simple and approachable, the website is very clean and uses a blend of serif and sans serif fonts to keep things simple yet authoritative. An intelligent color palette portrays feelings of trust and intimacy, presenting the brand in the best possible light.

9. Ocean Health Index

The Ocean Health Index offers important updates on ocean health. This valuable tool provides a means to help advance ocean policy and compare future progress. A collaborative effort, over 65 scientists and ocean experts work together.

The health of our oceans is a pressing concern and buy-in from the public is essential to success. This is why the website makes such an effort to deliver an attractive and engaging experience. High-quality visuals and immersive parallax scrolling effects are used to draw visitors into the experience, promoting engagement and understanding.

10. Shademaster

Shademaster aims to offer the very best in the design and installation of custom outdoor spaces. Using quality materials, the company works with a range of authorized dealers to deliver beautiful outdoor spaces across Australia.

Given the complexity of its offering and the number of products on offer, the website makes good use of navigation menus to categorise information. This helps visitors to browse through the fast and performant website to see what is on offer and how their needs can be met by Shademaster products.

11. Papazian

Papazian has been offering handmade jewelry displays since 1963. A reference in its industry, shoppers turn to Papazian for proven quality and unbeatable longevity.

The website captures this sense of prestige through stunning design. Every choice perpetuates a feeling of quality and artisanal rigor, from parallax effects to great graphic design. The fonts and color palette work together, demonstrating just how essential great graphic design fundamentals are to creating a cohesive experience.

12. Thisispaper

Thisispaper is a Warsaw-based studio that has its fingers in a lot of pies. Established in 2011, the talented studio operates in all areas of graphic design, art direction, retail design, print publishing, product design, and event planning.

Entrenched within this exciting world, it’s critical that the website is presented in the best possible light. Amazing visuals ensure the company puts its best foot forward at every turn and impeccable code means the website loads quickly and without error on a range of devices. The website is a pleasure to use and it radiates cool.

13. Falve

Falve is a company in New Zealand that handcrafts clothing and accessories for men that are simple, high-quality and beautiful. Every item is made by hand and echoes the quality that is on offer.

The website reflects this artisanal approach through a clean and considered approach to design. Stunning imagery intersects with gentle fonts, while a focus on quality over quantity in terms of content keeps users focused on the products at hand. A lack of content also places a focus on the store, moving users through the sales pipeline.

14. Brave People

Brave People is a Tampa-based digital creative agency that develops strategies, creates content and builds products to inspire people. Working with leading brands, the agency has cultivated a strong reputation within its niche.

The company has an incredibly bold name and it follows it up with an appropriate website. Great design choices demonstrate character, conviction, and bravery. Solid code and performance also means that the website does not place style over substance, keeping its users coming back for more and moving them along the sales pipeline.

15. Gc Watches

Gc Watches is a provider of quality timepieces for fashion conscious men and women. Striking expensive designs blend the best of Swiss precision with the flair of French style, delighting owners around the world.

The website demonstrates how luxury brands can also incorporate a strong online store without cheapening the experience. Users are able to easily browse through the items on offer while acquiring all of the information that they need. Stunning images place the products in prime position, meaning that visitors never lose sight of what’s important.

16. Jonathan da Costa

Jonathan da Costa is a designer and art director based in Paris. Through research, concept development and design, he is able to build thoughtful interactive experiences for digital brands.

This is a truly impressive website and demonstrates what powerful design and great development principles can really achieve. The greyscale look and feel shows class and refinement, echoing the considered and artistic approach of Jonathan. Fast and fluid, the work can take prominence and engage the user directly.

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