Branding Assets

This document is meant to serve as a general guide for the use of the Lectron logo and its colors to help ensure a consistent visual feel and the recognition of our brand. If you have a specific question that isn’t covered in the guide, please contact [email protected] to verify that you are representing our brand in an acceptable form.

Pantone: Cool Gray 8 C

CMYK: 53/44/36/5

RGB: 127/130/140

Hex: #7f828c

Our Logo


When the logo appears on a white background, use our primary logo with grey text and tagline.


When the logo appears on a dark background (darker than #2f2f2f, no color), use our primary logo with white text and tagline.

Our Colors

Our colors are an important part of our brand identity and should be adhered to strictly. If you’re producing our colors in a digital format, please use the RBG or Hex colors. If you’re producing our colors in a printed format, please use the Pantone or CMYK colors.

Lectron Orange

Pantone: Orange 21C

CMYK: 0/83/100/0

RGB: 240/84/34

Hex: #f05422

Lectron Blue

Pantone: Solid Coated 292 C

CMYK: 60/14/0/0

RGB: 58/183/255

Hex: #3ab7ff

Slate Grey

Pantone: Solid Coated 532 C

CMYK: 74/69/58/65

RGB: 39/38/45

Hex: #27272e


Pantone: Orange 21C

CMYK: 0/83/100/0

RGB: 240/84/34

Hex: #f05422

Cool Grey

Our Fonts

The form of our words convey almost as much as the meaning of the words themselves. Lectron’s branding identity is very modern and as such we have chosen sleek, sans serif fonts to convey that sense of modernity and clean design our brand seeks to aim for. We primarily use Proxima Nova but will frequently use one of the other four fonts listed below.




[email protected]#$%^&*(

Open Sans



[email protected]#$%^&*(




[email protected]#$%^&*(

Proxima Nova



[email protected]#$%^&*(

Our Brand in Writing

You may find yourself needing to mention Lectron in writing. Please refer to the graph below to make sure you are using our name appropriately.

Lectron, Inc.

When referring to the company


When referring to the brand


Do not use all lower-case


Do not use all upper-case


When using the Lectron logo, please consider how much space you are allowing between our logo and other design elements. A good rule of thumb is at least 40% whitespace between our logo and adjacent design elements. When using just the flame, please allow at least 40% vertical whitespace and 70% horizontal whitespace around the logo.

Unacceptable Logo Uses

Below are a few examples of unacceptable logo uses followed by a description of why they are unacceptable.


Do not place the logo onto background colors that are not mentioned in the colors guidelines above.


Make sure you’re using the correct version of the logo for light and dark backgrounds to ensure maximum contrast.


Do not use additional layer styles on the logo, such as drop shadows, bevels or glows.


Do not place the logo onto image backgrounds.


Do not distort the logo either vertically or horizontally. When resizing, hold the shift key to maintain aspect ratio.


Do not add any transparency to the logo. It should always appear in full opacity.


Do not use the Lectron logo without the flame. You may use the flame without the text, but not the text without the flame.


Do not place the logo in a way that doesn’t allow it to stand out. The logo should never merge with anything.