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Lectron accelerates the delivery of digital transformation applications, giving companies the agility to thrive in a software-defined world.

What we care about

Building applications that matter at startup speed

01 Continuously improve with data.

02 Deliver a wow experience.

03 Impact > hours.

04 Win through teamwork.

Why Lectron?

What makes us different

Man—Machine Symbiosis

Writing great software shouldn’t be so hard. We built this company to try a completely different approach to software development.

Changing Nature of Work

Companies will increasingly leverage remote talent. Existing outsourcing options are overly expensive or low quality. Lectron brings high quality at much lower cost through new efficiencies.


Just this year, more than 200 developers have built 300 projects bringing to life ideas in industries like communication, finance, health care, and agriculture.

Strength Through Data

Every step in the software development process leaves a digital footprint allowing us to build intelligent optimizations for project management and development at scale.

Software Drives GDP

As software continues to eat the world, we empower developers to painlessly earn side income and democratize the creation of software while materially impacting global productivity.


We like hard problems

Transforming software development comes with its fair share of challenges. Here are a few that inspire us.


The greatest work experience on Earth 
In 10 years, top engineers won’t work at traditional jobs. They’ll prefer the flexibility and superior experience of working at Lectron. To achieve this, we need to build an experience that minimizes the effects of location and fosters a sense of community, mentorship, and growth. We also have to build great tools that make developers more productive and new financial models that reward increased efficiency. 

The greatest customer experience on Earth 
At Lectron, we want to make the experience of building software delightful. The entire process should be extremely streamlined and reliable. To achieve this, we need to build beautiful, visual systems for managing projects. We need to amaze customers by producing quotes just minutes after a discussion, spinning up quality teams on demand, and building automated assistants for all aspects of the process. 

An AI that builds software 
We have unique data on all core areas of the software development process: from natural language sales chats to real-time events and code. This allows us to work on the truly grand challenge of building an AI that can initially assist in developing software and ultimately handle the end-to-end process of understanding human requirements and outputting working code.


The simplest way to manage a project 
Managing a software project is an inherently complex, difficult task- there are many moving pieces and many people required to turn a customer’s vision into reality. Our challenge is to hide this complexity and turn project management into a simple, intuitive experience. Getting great software should be as easy as pushing a button. 

Beautiful, intuitive UX everywhere 
We’re not building a boring management product. We’re building a consumer-grade experience that surprises and delights customers. Our clients need to have a great interaction with Lectron at every point, from the first chat with a sales engineer, to emails and calls throughout the course of a project, to gifts thanking clients for partnering with us. 

Viral growth 
Traditional development shops grow slowly. The ones that make their customers happy slowly build their customer bases to become sustainable businesses. We want to be one of the biggest companies of the decade- this means making our customers ridiculously happy and turning our customers into our biggest advocates.


Guaranteed pricing 
Outsourced software development is notoriously low quality. Projects run over budget and over schedule constantly, and in the end, customers are left with an inferior product that cost them much more than they expected. The best customer experience is to get a fixed price for a project. We need to deliver a quote that we can stick to. 

Precise quotes within minutes 
Getting a price for a project shouldn’t take days or weeks. We need to be able to quickly understand a customer’s requirements, determine the necessary technologies and feature set for their project, and deliver a complete project proposal within minutes. We need to impress customers throughout their experience with Lectron, and delivering a quote quickly is the first step. 

The strongest customer relationships 
We want to be the way that our customers write all of their software. That means understanding our customers’ businesses and helping them determine how software can help them. The only way to achieve our goal is by developing deep relationships with our clients and becoming a trusted advisor and partner for them


Standing out from the crowd 
The world of development shops is extremely fragmented and there are a lot of agencies competing for customers’ projects and dollars. Lectron offers a service that is second to none, and we need to make sure that potential customers know it. 

The largest network of freelancers 
We can’t build great products unless we have the talent to do it. We need to make sure that the world’s best development talent knows that Lectron is the easiest place to freelance and the best place to learn new skills and hone existing ones.

Customer Success

Relationships matter 
We know that relationships are key to successful projects, in addition to great products- it’s one of our core values. We work directly with our clients, internal, and external stakeholders to ensure alignment and transparency across projects. Managing relationships with the client, the project team, and the Sales team not only helps us solve difficult problems but also lets us grow accounts while establishing a strong relationship management playbook. 

Delivering a WOW experience 
We delight clients with amazing service and fantastic products to create a true wow experience. This is at the root of everything we do at Gigster and is especially true in customer success. We’re there when our clients tell us they need help, but we are also a proactive advocate and partner. We marry automation and smart tools with a high-touch human component to deliver great service and value for our clients. 

Ensuring customer value 
Relationships matter, but we also need to drive continuous value for our clients and help them hit project objectives to ensure success. We think analytically about how to prioritize problems and dive into specific projects to reach solutions, design new processes, and create tools to keep projects on track and clients delighted.

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