Join Lectron and help build the software delivery platform of the future.


Lectron accelerates the delivery of digital transformation applications, giving companies the agility to thrive in a software-defined world.

What we care about

Building applications that matter at startup speed

Continuously improve with data.

Deliver a wow experience.

Impact > hours.

Win through teamwork.

Why Lectron

What makes us different

Man—Machine Symbiosis

Writing great software shouldn’t be so hard. We built this company to try a completely different approach to software development.

Changing Nature of Work

Companies will increasingly leverage remote talent. Existing outsourcing options are overly expensive or low quality. Gigster brings high quality at much lower cost through new efficiencies.


Just this year, more than 200 developers have built 300 projects bringing to life ideas in industries like communication, finance, health care, and agriculture.

Strength Through Data

Every step in the software development process leaves a digital footprint allowing us to build intelligent optimizations for project management and development at scale.

Software Drives GDP

As software continues to eat the world, we empower developers to painlessly earn side income and democratize the creation of software while materially impacting global productivity.