How to deal with DDoS Attacks in the Gaming Industry’s.

Hackers always go for the most attractive opportunities, which explains why they always target remote work infrastructure. As COVID-19 drove work away from the office, businesses faced one cyber attack after another. More and more people are taking up virtual entertainment -which means that there is an increase in players from the online gaming industry. […]

EVE online: Amazing Realistic Economy Game

EVE-Online is an enormous multiplayer web-based game that is most likely popular for articles about huge space battles with a large number of players or stories about in-game scams carried out by Kahneman following a good period of cooperation. There are lots of other things that are just as interesting about EVE Online, but they’re […]

A platform war is building in the realm of NFT gaming, Here is what it entails.

The universes of crypto and computer games are quickly impacting. The mix, named “play-to-earn” and comprehensively part of the decentralization development known as “web3,” could bring about a different age of gaming encounters with genuine economies and new player motivations. This, thus, could drastically overturn conventional plans of action in the game business. That is […]

Picking a game engine? Don’t forget about this.

I note that there are many “which game engine should I pick” articles out in the wild. Those are pretty useful for picking an engine (or finding that you should build your own). However, an aspect is usually overlooked – and that is the lifetime of the engine you’re using. In short: An open-source engine […]

What should gamers do if they think they are being attacked or DDoSed?

Tying rubber bands and hitting the ping is often more closely related to your home connection than the platform you are on. Often, the only sign you encounter is a DDoS attack that comes out of nowhere with an unexplained dc. How do you know the difference? Start by removing issues of home / ISP […]