10 Tips For Designing Better Mobile Apps

Mobile app development is quickly taking center-stage in development as more and more development becomes mobile first. Implementing best practices for mobile app design is a key to getting your app in stores and used frequently. These 10 tips can help guide the development process towards a more UX-friendly experience.

5 Proven Ways To Increase Conversion In Mobile Commerce Apps

When you have a mobile commerce app, you want to increase conversion rate. The mobile platform is critical to your success and it’s important that you don’t treat it just like a website. When you spend more time in development and understanding how users interact with the app through in-app analytics, it will make it easier for you to focus on conversion rate optimization.

Why Traditional Analytics Is Not Enough To Understand Your App’s Performance

Mobile analytics is vital to understanding how your app is performing. Failure to obtain quality analytics will result in not being able to make improvements. Your app might be up against a lot of competition and one of the ways to win out is to have qualitative mobile analytics in front of you. Traditional analytics tools simply aren’t enough today.

Paid User Acquisition Strategy: 5 Ways to Become an App Store Rockstar

You’ve made a great app and now you want to get some users, and also a little revenue would be nice, too. But that can be a tall order, with the app store becoming even more cluttered with an ever increasing number of apps competing for downloads. Independent app developers can bring a decent amount of revenue from the App Store with a quality app and effective marketing strategy. Here we’re going to introduce you to five tips for paid user acquisition that you can use to successfully market your app and drive user acquisition: Media Reviews, Cross Promotional Marketing, Video Ads, Rewards Based Marketing, and last, but certainly not least, Social Media Marketing.

The 4 Things to Keep in Mind for an Enhanced User Onboarding

What is user onboarding? To cut the long story short, let me bring you an example. Imagine you have invited people to your home which is located in a forest deep in the trees and bushes. And you want to make sure your guests find the house and don’t leave without paying you a visit.

The 7 Absolutely Stunning Tools for Product Managers

Product management is not like taking the product from point A to point B, it’s more like a do-it-all job and it requires you to take the product from point A to point Z. A product manager thus has to be present everywhere from sketching the prototype to the sales of the end product.

Sign Up Form Best Practices: 4 Ways to Boost Registration

Signing up for freebies like eBooks, whitepapers, checklists, demos, and free trials can feel so good. But this feeling of joy can easily be swept away by the requirement (often useless) to fill in tons of sign up fields to eventually get your freebie. Because, you know, apart from being inconvenient and time-consuming, these might look rude too.

Why the Hell Do People Delete Your App

Getting users to install your app is half the battle. Making them use it constantly is another key thing to consider. As of 2015, developers have been submitting over 1,000 apps to Apple’s App Store daily. And, yes, you got it right! Across all industries, the churn rate reaches 95% within the first 90 days of app installation. So, what are the reasons behind app uninstallation?

How to Improve Your App’s User Retention

So you have acquired your app users! Success!! But the hard work is not over. App’s are ever changing and updating with new features, therefore, there is no end point with an app. You want your users to stick around and not disappear. Establishing a user retention plan is definitely the next step.

How to Effectively Measure UX with Google HEART Framework

Gut feeling is good but data-driven UX design is better. Still, the collectible data can be overwhelming, and the product teams might be working toward conflicting goals. The problem here is not in data since people have more data now than ever before. The whole problem lies in managing that data.