12 Conversion Mistakes that Kill Your Product’s Growth

Marketers define conversion as mostly the point at which the recipient of a marketing message performs the desired action i.e. responds positively to your call-to-action. Conversion can take different forms. For example, getting someone to open an email is a conversion, having them click on a call-to-action button inside that email is yet another conversion. Going to the landing page and filling out a form to download an eBook is conversion. And ultimately, making a purchase i.e. buying your product or service online or subscribing to a paid plan is a conversion.

What is UX Design? Tools and Resources to Get Started

If you are into creating a product that has the customer in mind, then UX design is your thing. It’s so much more than just designing for a screen since it takes into account all the aspects of a product or service. While a designer makes a button, a flow, or a toggle beautiful and functional, a UX designer focuses on all the disciplines that make the user experience great as a whole.

Mobile Heatmap: One of the Best Tools to Visualize User Behavior

While traditional mobile app analytics provides key metrics and information on demographics, a mobile heatmap is an essential tool that visually displays user behavior in an app. Thus the value of heatmaps in tracking users’ app usage patterns is invaluable.

Stop Annoying Your App Users: 4 Push Notification Best Practices

Push notifications are sometimes more important than the rest of your UX. So, it’s a big deal to know what the push notification best practices are these days.

As mobile app users, we all have seen some great push notifications and some that just suck. If the push annoys the user, then they might simply end up uninstalling your app. That’s sad. But that’s the truth.

What is a Mobile App Conversion Funnel and How to Use It

Conversion funnel displays the rate at which users complete each step of a user journey to reach an overall goal. While in marketing and sales funnels, the goal is to actually convert website visitors into paying customers, in conversion funnels, goals can be different. But hold on here. Let’s answer the two main questions about funnels:

How VR and Augmented Reality are Reshaping Industries

Oculus Go — My favorite VR device of 2018 which I’m going to purchase If you’re a gamer, then chances are good you’re aware that we’re on the cusp of significant change for the entertainment industry. The launch of the Oculus (and Facebook’s acquisition) along with healthy competition from the HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, and Samsung Gear VR […]

What is Product-Market Fit and How to Measure It

Let’s get started with the definition. While a lot of people have come with definitions of product market fit, the most cited one by far is Marc Andreessen’s definition: “Product market fit means being in a good market with a product that can satisfy that market.”

What You Need to Know About App Store Optimization

App store optimization (ASO) is a buzz-word these days. And if you have no idea what it is, let me start with a short anecdote. Do you remember the time (nearly a few years ago) when the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) appeared? Few people knew a thing about it back then. As of now, a lot of people know what SEO is and a lot of them use it to improve their websites’ search rankings.

7 Tips For Improving Your Ecommerce Strategy

Amazing New Solutions For Small Businesses From Technology. Today’s tech market is revitalizing the way people conduct business. An ecommerce store can be just as successful—and even more so—than a physical store somewhere. Following are seven tips to help you streamline your ecommerce strategy such that it has the most effective, profit-generating impact.

How to Boost Your App Conversion Rate with A/B Testing

As app makers, we all want to dramatically boost the conversion rate from app stores and increase the number of app installs. If chosen well, your app store page elements will help you get more traffic to your app store page and will ultimately result in more installs. Usually, an average app conversion rate is 26% and if yours is lower than this, then you might want to start working on improving it. A/B testing is something that can come to your rescue.