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Cookie Policy

We use cookies to help improve your experience of our website at https://www.lectron.com. This cookie policy is part of Lectron’s privacy policy. It covers the use of cookies between your device and our site.

We also provide basic information on third-party services we may use, who may also use cookies as part of their service. This policy does not cover their cookies.

If you don’t wish to accept cookies from us, you should instruct your browser to refuse cookies from https://www.lectron.com. In such a case, we may be unable to provide you with some of your desired content and services.

What is a cookie?

When you visit a website, it stores a small piece of data on your device known as a cookie. This cookie contains information about the website, a unique identifier to recognize your web browser when you return, additional data for its purpose and lifetime.

Cookies serve a variety of functions, such as enabling specific features such as login, tracking site usage through analytics, storing user settings such as time zone and notification preferences, and customizing content including advertising and language.

Cookies set by the website you visit are first-party cookies. They mostly track your activity on that particular website.

On the other hand, other websites and companies can place cookies known as third-party cookies.

Types of cookies and how we use them

Essential cookies

Essential cookies are crucial to your experience of a website, enabling core features like user logins, account management, shopping carts, and payment processing.

We use essential cookies to enable certain functions on our website.

Performance cookies

Performance cookies track how you use a website during your visit. Typically, this information is anonymous and aggregated, with information tracked across all site users. They help companies understand visitor usage patterns, identify and diagnose problems or errors their users may encounter, and make better strategic decisions in improving their audience’s overall website experience. These cookies can set by either the website you are currently visiting, known as first-party cookies, or by third-party services. They do not collect personal information about you.

We use performance cookies on our site.

Functionality cookies

Functionality cookies are used to collect information about your device and any settings you may configure on the website you’re visiting (like language and time zone settings). With this information, websites can provide you with customized, enhanced, or optimized content and services. These cookies may be set by the website you’re visiting (first-party) or by third-party services.

We use functionality cookies for selected features on our site.

Targeting/advertising cookies

Targeting/advertising cookies help determine what promotional content is most relevant and appropriate to you and your interests. Websites may use them to deliver targeted advertising or limit the number of times you see an advertisement. This helps companies improve the effectiveness of their campaigns and the quality of content presented to you. These cookies may be set by the website you’re visiting (first-party) or by third-party services. Targeting/advertising cookies set by third-parties may be used to track you on other websites that use the same third-party service.

We do not use this type of cookie on our site.