job mechanism

A resourceful way to obtain money simply doing what you love in-game!

How does it work?

Jobs are a resourceful way in order to obtain money simply doing what you love in-game! Opening up the /jobs GUI, you will see the variety of jobs you are able to assign to yourself. If you see a job you would like to join, right-click the job and you have now been added to the job list!

You will not be taken off of the job list unless you leave the job itself by going back into /jobs and left-clicking the job. Jobs provide you with a variety of different stuff ranging from XP to money. You can get a stable income from jobs, and most jobs are simple!

This is an effective and very useful way to obtain money in-game. Use it to your advantage! You can get quite rich, quite quick by using these methods. Use them wisely. Do what you’ll enjoy the most.


/jobs join [jobname]

/jobs leaveall

/jobs help

These are job commands you can do on Lectron to gain money and experience and to get money to buy things on; /shop, /ah and to buy stuff from other areas. To buy stuff, you must have money. To have money, you must work!

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Note: You can find out more command by going through our User Guide.