Key component in the economy of any Minecraft Server

What is Trade Mechanism?

It is essential that you know how to use the plugin properly in order to sell, buy and exchange items with other players and friends of yours.

Unlike other traditional methods of trading items and goods (e.g: dropping items to the other player, placing them in chests etc.), the trading plugin will provide you with the safest and easiest method of exchanging your spare items for other goods, money or XP of other players.

How does it work?

Anyone can use it and it’s absolutely free. All you have to do is get close to the player you’re going to trade with, then simply run /trade <name> in chat. 

Note: Remember that you must be within 10 blocks away from the other person, otherwise you won’t be able to trade with them.

Example: If the player is called Steve, you would meet with him and then run the command “/trade Steve”. 

Beware, players might ask you to teleport to their place for the trade, but remember they can kill you in there and you will lose all your items!

Therefore, always choose a safe, neutral ground when performing trades, such as the spawn or any non-PvP zone. 

When someone sends you a request to trade with them, you’ll get a message in chat which will inform you and will then tell you to run /trade <name> in chat, in order to get started with your trade.

Once the trade is accepted, a menu will open, which will allow you to put in the items you wish to trade. You can place multiple items, as well as stacked items. 

You’re able to see all the items you’ve entered for the trade on the left side of the menu, while the ones entered by the trading partner will be shown on the right side.

If you enter the wrong item in the trade menu, you are able to take it out of there by left clicking the specific item, just as if you’d take it out of any regular chest or inventory. 

Note: Your trading partner might also remove or replace the items they enter for the trade, so always double check what they are offering before you accept the trade, otherwise you risk getting different or less items than you should have.

The trade will happen only after both players accept it by clicking on the red glass on the top corner of their menu side. 

When a player accepts the trade, the glass from their side will turn green, awaiting the other participant’s approval in order to mark the trade as completed. 

If you change your mind and decide to make some changes to the trade after you initially accept it, you will need to click on the glass rapidly and cancel the confirmation.

However, if your trading partner already accepts it, the trade will automatically be marked as completed and your items will be swapped with your trading partner’s.

Even after you accept the trade, you will then need to wait for your trading partner to do so as well. They might refuse the trade and exit the trading menu; in case this happens, you will receive a chat message, informing you that the other participant cancelled the trade.

Therefore, you will have to run the “/trade <name>” command once again in order to start a new trade with the other participant.

In addition to the items you are able to enter in your side of the menu, you are also able to add money, XP and GriefPrevention blocks.

You are able to do that by clicking on the three icons that can be found in the bottom left corner of your trading menu: gold ingot (add or remove money), XP bottle (add or remove XP levels) and golden shovel (add or remove GriefPrevention blocks).

Note: Always double check the items, amount of money, XP and GriefPrevention blocks you are offering before confirming the trade from your end.

Always double check the items, amount of money, XP and GriefPrevention blocks you are offering before confirming the trade from your end.

In case you offer the wrong items or amounts of balance and the other participant accepts the trade as well, your items will automatically be transferred in their inventory and you will permanently lose access to them. 

Players might also enter fake items in the trading menu, such as weapons or spawners with fake names, so always double check the enchants and id of an item before you accept the trade.

Staff members are not responsible for issues which are your fault, such as trading with a player in a PvP area and getting killed or accepting fake items without checking if they’re original before confirming the trade. 

If the inconvenience is caused by server related bugs, such as items disappearing after the trade is cancelled, items glitching out of the menu etc, then you should contact a server administrator and report the issue in order to recover your items.

Note: You can find out more command by going through our User Guide.