Marriage Roleplay

Feeling you’re the perfect pair with someone you’ve met?

What is Marriage Roleplay?

Marry away! Marriage McMMO allows for you to marry another player in Minecraft and also gain some perks whilst doing so. The command to marry someone is simply /marry. However, you must assign your gender in-game by doing /marry gender <gender>. Players will be able to see your gender as well in order to match up!

When you’re married to another player, you are now a pair! The ability to teleport, chat, and even sacrifice your health to your significant other are just a few of the current commands we can use when you have a lovebird!

It’s an amazing feature, with loads of smaller extra features. It’s a great Roleplaying feature, and lets you do so much more. You also get a cool heart next to your name. Just be warned, if you divorce it’ll be publicly advanced.

Note: You can find out more command by going through our User Guide.