Strong Moderator team

Our moderators are friendly, active and highly experienced. They are happy to help, and will look after your interests in Lectron Minecraft. Being a moderator is not just a priviledge – it is an important responsibility.

Helper Role

What is a helper? And what are they here for? What do they do?

Starter staff, trial staff.

Helpers are intended to be the starting staff role, as they are watched to see how they deal with the authority. They have gone through an application and interview to become on to the staff team. They will also be watched for how they interact with other staff, players, and challenging situations. Helpers don’t have the ability to ban as they haven’t been staff long enough to trust yet, however they will gain this ability as they move up the ranks in staff with trust and proving they can handle the responsibility. Helpers however are given other means of removing people who are blatantly hacking, abusing glitches, or any other means of breaking the rules with /kick.

The list of commands that helpers get are as followed but subject to change. – /kick (kicking a player from the server), /softmute (only up to an hour, the player may still chat, but no other players are able to see it), /tp (tpa but without needing request) /v (to go invisible), /co i (checking blocks history: who broke the blocks, who placed the blocks, and who claimed the blocks).

Helpers are supposed to make players feel welcomed, and to also help them, when a new player joins the game the Helpers job is to welcome them and teach them the basics, when a player is griefed, or disrespected, it’s the helpers job to look into it and report the rule breaker to a mod or above, all staff must put professionality before emotion, and if they can’t hold back an argument they must take it to DMs, if you get in a argument in global chat then it will scare off new players and result in a demotion, not only do you have to help players with the basic commands on the server, you also must help them play minecraft too, if a player does not know how to walk, or they dont know a crafting recipe, or they need help finding their way home, etc…

Can come onto server when full, Extra vaults, Hosting Server Mini games, Hosting Discord Mini games, /Tp, /pTime, /skull Being a Helper is not for the “perks” as for being a Helper you are the job to keep the server safe for our players and keep the server happy. You as the Helper are to help players and you get the satisfaction of being able to let players want to stay on the server.

What are you able to do without other higher up staff online?

Warn other players who are breaking the rules, Report players who break major rules on multiple offences, Report glitches, Report players of suspicion of hacking.

What is out of your hands that go to the higher up staff?

Ban players who are breaking the rules, Fully mute players from global chat, Give players OP items from creative or /give (Helpers are not usually give /give, but still is not accepted), Helpers are not allowed to place new rules onto the server.

  • To make all of our new players who join the server for the first time to feel welcomed and wanted on our server.

  • To help other players when they are in need so no fault in your ability to help is found.

  • To give friendly advice to all players on how to stick to the rules.

  • To keep tabs on each new player to make sure they are not struggling to understand the server.

  • To know the main commands of the server in case a player needs help.

  • To know basic crafting recipes on minecraft to help players.

  • To have a friendly disposition towards other players and to not form a dislike that might affect how you treat them. 

  • Value all players the same.

  • To be able to calm players down so that if a fight does break out you are able to find a quick solution, without admin or higher up online.

  • To moderate the minecraft server and the discord server of things that go on and if anyone has any questions.

  • To explain and guide how the server works to those who are new to our server.

  • Be able to have a discord to be able to attend staff meetings and be able to report glitches or hackers to admin or higher ups.

  • To be accepting of criticism so that you may grow as both staff and person. 

  • To try and stay active and online as much as you can to be able to help when needed as to fulfill your job title.

  • To have the ability to record your game if someone is abusing glitches or hacking, and send to admins or higher ups.

  • To listen to the rules of the server and play nicely so that the server may run smoothly.

  • Do not abuse the power of staff or it will result in demotion.

  • Do not abuse the commands (/) staff have privilege of.

  • To let others know that they are breaking rules nicely.

  • To moderate the chat and answer all questions asked by players.

  • To warn players of potential spamming or trolling.

  • To warn players not to advertise other servers or server names.

  • To not get offended by people’s words easily.

  • To have an open mind to change your opinion.

  • To not be biased no matter who the rule breaker is as everyone should be held accountable.

  • That if an argument breaks out between two players, tell them to take it to DMs nicely.

  • That if you and another staff member get into an argument, take it to DMs.

  • That if you must go AFK, keep it for a limited time. Do not go AFK online while you are at work or asleep as it may confuse players thinking you would come back in time.

  • That if you are planning to go AFK, use the /afk command so other players are aware of your absence.

  • To listen to higher staff to you at all times as they are more experienced on the server.

  • To take notice of other staff’s behaviour to make sure no rules are being broken. 

  • To keep your emotions out of being a staff so that you don’t rule by them. 

  • Do not bypass rules for your family and friends as could result in demotion or ban. 

  • That if you see a rule being broken, document it and report it to staff chats.

  • That if you see someone breaking rules and you decide not to report it, you will have a demotion.

  • That if you abuse glitches without reporting them, it will result in a demotion.

  • That if you abuse your staff powers, it will result in a  demotion.

  • Do not /ignore other staff members, it will result in a  demotion.

  • To try your best to not be petty, if you continue to be condescending to other staff members and put them down, regardless of who is a higher up rank, you will be demoted.

  • To be informed with our rules and consequences:

    • No Spamming

      • Mute

        • Self made auctions, trying to get people to reply to you. Character spamming, Phrase spamming, and Word spamming.

    • Do not lag the server

      • Kick or Tempban

        • No auto mob spawners, restone, heaps of mobs in one place, fireworks.

    • No griefing

      • Tempban or Ban (depending on severity and number of Tempbans)

        • Do not take advantage of non-claimed builds, do not destroy claims you are trusted in, do not hack into claims you are not trusted in. Griefing can be deletion of blocks, addition of unwanted blocks, and mobs or lava placed on the builds.

    • No claiming between and around other claims without okay from the other player

      • Deletion of the claim

        • Avoid claiming the spaces between claims, make sure each of your claims have an actual purpose. Claiming in other people’s town’s, homes, etc.

    • No X-Ray, hacking is not allowed

      • Ban

        • Cheating to get ores is an instant ban no matter who you are. Cheating to get ores.

    • No hacking, (Optifine is acceptable)

      • Ban

        • Hacking is always an instant ban as you are abusing the server and could be tracking players. KillAura, X-Ray, etc.

    • Do not disguise in PVP

      • Kick

        • If found disguised in pvp mode you are making it an unfair fight so it is not allowed.

    • Do not obstruct a player’s view.

      • Kick

        • Do not block another player’s view while building or breaking blocks.

    • No PVP glitching/exploiting.

      • Kick or TempBan

        • Standing above the PvP area, flying, hacking (KillAura), or flying broken spots.

    • No spamming warps.

      • Deletion of the warp

        • Making multiple private warps for yourself.

    • No making a warp trap.

      • Deletion of the warp

        • Making a warp in a town of area meant for people to join, claiming the warp and building a death trap.

    • No asking staff for privileges.

      • TempMute

        • Asking staff for banned blocks, making items in creative, asking for staff, asking for op items.

    • No swearing or bypassing the chat filter

      • TempMute

        • Using special characters for letters of banned words that we have put on restriction.

    • Do not argue, ask for free items, threaten players, or generally be disrespectful in public chat.

      • TempMute, Mute, TempBan, Ban (based on severity)

        • Asking for free OP items from other members or staff, being rude to other players and staff, threatening players.

    • No threatening players

      • Ban

        • Threatening players of doxing, hacking, or of their personal life, etc.

    • Be respectful to staff and players

      • TempMute or Mute

        • Abusing staff is not allowed as they are there to help and guide you. We want all players to be respected as well, as we want them to continue to stay on out server

    • Do not leak any player’s social media/personal information

      • Ban

        • Phone numbers, social media, personal life, names, address. This is a violation of their confidentiality and must be kept safe unless they give permission for their name to be said.

    • Do not disclose private conversations/information

      • Tempban

        • Phone numbers, social media, personal life, names, address. This is a violation of their confidentiality and must be kept safe unless they give permission for their name to be said.

    • Do not buy any other player a rank without their permission.

      • They will be issued a Refund.

        • Buying another person’s account a rank with real money. 

    • It is highly recommended for a player do to /ignoreplayer [player] if the player’s messages are bothersome.

      • There is no consequence for regular players.

        • If a player do this to other players it can keep you from seeing disrespectful chats, but if we find u to have /ignoreplayer on a staff member you will be told to unmute them and other consequences may follow.

As the server, Lectron, is hosted in the United States, we are to follow all laws and regulations governed by the United State Government. Our server does not tolerate the violations of General Law and Decency. The highlighted illegal acts that pertain to the Lectron Craft Network include but is not limited to, Under-Aged Sexual Activity / Engaging in Sexual Activity with a player under the appropriate age, Any use or recognition of private images/videos involving Minors, Denial of Service attacks, Doxing, and others.

Rules that are not generally on the list may be applied to the rules in the future. A Moderator reserves the right to take action if deemed non – suitable.

By buying in-game money from another player with real money is extremely risky and unsafe. You can get easily scammed by another player. Our server Lectron is not responsible if you are/ have been scammed. Hints that you are going to be scammed is: They won’t give you the ingame money until after you pay them real life money, they make you venmo, paypal, or cash app you money, they ask you to get another person’s credit or debit card, etc. We will however ban the scammer, but we will not refund your purchase nor give you the ingame money you bought.

Thank you for reading this! Good luck on your Staff adventure,

Lectron Craft Staff Team