DDoS Protection
DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection

Never have interruptions again. Learn how to protect and secure your website or server from all types of attacks now!

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Prevent and Detect All Attacks

What we can help

Lectron specializes in upgraded DDoS protection system.

Protection from ALL types of Attacks

There is no attack we can’t stop. We give you an extensive protection from the following attacks and not only.

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All Layers

In case one of your source servers is down, Lectron will automatically and immediately use the next vacant instance.

Unlimited Protection

No attack is too big for Lectron. In order to give you over 1Tb/s+ of security, we use the most sophisticated mitigation systems in the world.

Always Online

Our protection is always on a 24/7 basis by default – no triggers. Ensuring your services are never interrupted, not even for a second.

Unlimited Layer 4 Capacity

We have experience in facing some of the world’s toughest attacks. Any of the world’s biggest and highest-profile websites are optimistic that Lectron can maintain the website online.

HTTP Layer 7 Mitigation

Secure your website against all types of attacks, even at the application layer! Lectron filters our HTTP hits before they ever attack your web server. Save your bandwidth, money, and keep yourself online.