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    Viet York

    I used to create one of the first and one of the most popular Minecraft servers in the world called Waffle Minecraft back in 2012. It reached almost 1000 players online AT THE SAME TIME inside one single world. I was 20 years old, and my good friend Andrew was 15 at the time, we were featured on his school’s newspaper … Economy Roleplaying Minecraft Survival Multiplayer Server game type was the original version of what we call “metaverse” today.

    During that time, I received multiple blackmails from haters trying to knock the community down using Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks. I had to spend thousands of dollars to protect the server network, which didn’t work well until I built my own solution …

    … fast forward to today, after talking with multiple game server owners, game streamers and metaverse builders, I see that the same problems still exist and with extreme scale. That motivates me to build a solution that works affordably so that our customers can get a cosmic guard for their multiplayer game servers and metaverse or any real time applications instantly and with super low learning curve.

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