Caves and Underwater Locations

Caves and underwater locations in ARK: Survival Evolved offer unique challenges, resources, and opportunities for exploration. Here’s a guide to caves and underwater locations in the game:

1. Caves: Caves are subterranean environments with hidden treasures, valuable resources, and dangerous creatures. Here are some key points to consider when exploring caves:

  • Cave Types: ARK: Survival Evolved features different types of caves, including artifact caves, resource-rich caves, and challenging boss arenas. Each cave has its own layout, difficulty, and rewards.
  • Resources: Caves often contain high concentrations of resources like metal, crystal, obsidian, and gems. Be prepared to gather these valuable materials while dealing with the cave’s challenges.
  • Cave Creatures: Caves are home to unique and often aggressive creatures. Be cautious of spiders, bats, scorpions, snakes, and other cave-dwelling creatures. Bring appropriate weapons and armor to defend yourself.
  • Artifact Caves: Artifact caves hold valuable artifacts required for boss fights and progressing through the game. These caves are usually more challenging, guarded by strong creatures, and may require puzzle-solving to reach the artifact.
  • Environmental Hazards: Caves can have environmental hazards such as poisonous gas, extreme temperatures, narrow passages, and unstable terrain. Plan your exploration carefully and come prepared with appropriate gear and supplies.

2. Underwater Locations: Underwater areas in ARK: Survival Evolved offer their own set of challenges and resources. Here’s what you need to know when exploring underwater:

  • Breathing Underwater: To explore underwater areas for extended periods, use items like scuba gear or consumables like Lazarus Chowder to enable underwater breathing.
  • Underwater Caves and Trenches: Look for underwater caves and trenches that contain hidden treasures, resources, and unique creatures. These areas can be rich in materials like oil, pearls, and crystal.
  • Aquatic Creatures: Underwater locations are home to a variety of aquatic creatures, such as Megalodons, Plesiosaurs, Mosasaurus, and Anglerfish. Some of these creatures can be tamed and used for underwater exploration or defense.
  • Bioluminescent Zones: Certain underwater areas, such as the Bioluminescent Zone in the Aberration map, have stunning visuals and unique resources. Be cautious of the creatures that inhabit these areas.
  • Cave Diving: Some underwater areas feature cave systems, including underwater caves with their own challenges, treasures, and dangerous creatures. Navigate these caves using light sources and be prepared for underwater combat.

Safety Tips for Cave and Underwater Exploration:

  • Come prepared with suitable weapons, armor, and tools to handle the challenges you may encounter.
  • Carry light sources, such as torches, glow sticks, or items that emit light, to navigate dark areas.
  • Bring healing items, food, water, and other supplies to sustain yourself during extended exploration.
  • Consider exploring caves or underwater areas with a group of players for better safety and resource efficiency.
  • Be cautious of environmental hazards, aggressive creatures, and potential traps in these areas.
  • Consult maps or community resources for cave and underwater location guides to help you navigate and find specific resources or artifacts.

Exploring caves and underwater locations in ARK: Survival Evolved offers exciting adventures, valuable resources, and unique encounters. Take the necessary precautions, be prepared for the challenges ahead, and enjoy the exploration of these hidden realms.

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