Gathering Resources and Crafting

Gathering resources and crafting items are crucial aspects of survival in ARK: Survival Evolved. By collecting materials from the environment and utilizing crafting stations, you can create useful tools, weapons, structures, and other essential items. Here’s an overview of the resource gathering and crafting process:

1. Gathering Resources: To gather resources, follow these steps:

  • Harvesting: Approach various objects in the game world, such as trees, rocks, bushes, and bodies of slain creatures.
  • Use Tools: Equip the appropriate tool for the resource you want to gather. For example:
    • Pickaxe: Used for gathering stone, flint, metal, and crystal.
    • Hatchet: Used for gathering wood, thatch, and hide.
    • Sickle: Used for gathering fiber and berries.
    • Chainsaw (advanced tool): Efficient for gathering wood and thatch.
  • Interact and Collect: Attack or interact with the resource object using the appropriate tool equipped. This will yield the corresponding resources, which will be added to your inventory.

2. Crafting: Crafting involves combining gathered resources at a crafting station or in your character’s inventory. Follow these steps to craft items:

  • Access the Crafting Menu: Open your character’s inventory by pressing the I key. Alternatively, you can use a crafting station such as a Smithy, Fabricator, or Mortar and Pestle.
  • Choose the Item to Craft: Browse the crafting menu to find the item you want to create. Each item requires specific resources and may have level and skill prerequisites.
  • Select the Crafting Recipe: Click on the item in the crafting menu to see its recipe. Ensure you have the necessary resources in your inventory or nearby containers.
  • Craft the Item: Once you have the required resources, click on the “Craft” button to initiate the crafting process.
  • Wait for Crafting to Complete: The crafting process may take some time. You can monitor the progress in the crafting menu or on the crafting station’s interface.
  • Collect the Crafted Item: Once the crafting is complete, the item will appear in your inventory or the crafting station’s output slot.

3. Crafting Stations: In addition to crafting in your character’s inventory, utilizing specialized crafting stations can provide additional crafting options and increased efficiency. Here are some common crafting stations:

  • Smithy: Used for crafting advanced tools, weapons, and armor.
  • Fabricator: Enables the creation of more advanced items, structures, and electrical devices.
  • Mortar and Pestle: Used for crafting various consumables, such as narcotics and spark powder.
  • Cooking Pot/Industrial Cooker: Utilized for cooking food, brewing beverages, and creating custom recipes.
  • Forge: Used to smelt metal, refine resources, and create metal items.

Each crafting station has its specific recipes and capabilities, allowing you to create a wide range of items as you progress in the game.

4. Engrams and Leveling Up: As you gain experience and level up your character, you will unlock new engrams. Engrams represent the knowledge and blueprints necessary to craft specific items. Open the engram menu to learn new engrams and allocate points to unlock them. Prioritize engrams that align with your playstyle and immediate needs.

5. Blueprints and Quality: Sometimes, instead of crafting items from raw resources, you may come across blueprints. Blueprints allow you to create items with specific bonuses or higher quality than standard versions. Blueprints can be found in supply drops, obtained from defeating powerful creatures, or acquired through other means.

By gathering resources and mastering the art of crafting, you can equip yourself with powerful tools, weapons, and structures to enhanceyour survival and progression in ARK: Survival Evolved. Experiment with different combinations of resources and utilize crafting stations effectively to create a variety of useful items tailored to your needs.

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