Player Controls and Interface

In ARK: Survival Evolved, players have a variety of controls and an interface to interact with the game world. Here are the player controls and an overview of the interface:

Player Controls:

  1. Movement: Use the WASD keys or the arrow keys to move your character. Pressing Shift while moving increases your character’s sprinting speed.
  2. Jump: Press the Spacebar to make your character jump. Holding the Spacebar allows your character to perform a higher jump.
  3. Crouch: Press the C key to make your character crouch, which can provide cover and reduce visibility.
  4. Prone: Press the X key to make your character go prone, lying flat on the ground.
  5. Inventory: Press the I key to open your character’s inventory. From there, you can manage your items, equip gear, and craft items.
  6. Hotbar: The hotbar is located at the bottom of the screen and displays a row of numbered slots. Press the corresponding number key to select an item from the hotbar.
  7. Primary and Secondary Attacks: Left-click performs the primary attack, while right-click performs the secondary attack or special ability of the currently equipped weapon or tool.
  8. Interact: Press the E key to interact with objects, open doors, access inventories, and mount or ride creatures.
  9. Whistle Commands: Using the comma (,) and period (.) keys allows you to issue various whistle commands to your tamed creatures for different actions.
  10. Chat: Press the Enter key to open the chat window and communicate with other players on the server.
  11. Map: Press the M key to open the map, which displays your current location and important landmarks.
  12. Camera Controls: Move the mouse to adjust the camera view and look around. Hold the right mouse button and move the mouse to rotate the camera.
  13. Console Commands: Press the Tab key to open the console and enter various commands for server administration or gameplay adjustments.

Interface Overview:

  1. Health and Stamina: Located in the bottom-left corner of the screen, these bars indicate your character’s current health and stamina levels.
  2. Hunger and Thirst: Displayed as bars next to the health and stamina bars, these indicate your character’s hunger and thirst levels.
  3. Experience Bar: Located at the bottom of the screen, the experience bar shows your character’s progress towards the next level.
  4. Toolbelt and Hotbar: The toolbelt appears on the right side of the screen and displays equipped tools and weapons. The hotbar is located at the bottom and shows selected items.
  5. Status Icons: Various icons may appear on the screen, indicating status effects, buffs, or debuffs affecting your character.
  6. Notifications: Located at the top-right corner, notifications provide information about in-game events, such as creature taming progress, item crafting completion, or player chat messages.
  7. Crafting Menu: Accessible through the inventory screen, the crafting menu allows you to craft items using gathered resources.
  8. Taming Interface: When taming creatures, a taming interface appears, providing information on the taming progress, food requirements, and taming effectiveness.
  9. Map: Opened by pressing the M key, the map displays the game world, including important landmarks and player locations.
  10. Player List: Accessible through the options menu, the player list shows the names of players currently on the server.

These controls and interface elements provide you with the tools and information necessary to navigate the game world, interact with objects, manage your character’s inventory, and communicate with other players in ARK: Survival Evolved.

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