Understanding Character Stats and Attributes

In ARK: Survival Evolved, your character has various stats and attributes that affect their abilities and performance in the game. Understanding these stats is essential for maximizing your character’s potential. Here’s an overview of the character stats and attributes:

1. Health (HP): Health represents the amount of damage your character can sustain before dying. It is affected by your character’s level, Fortitude attribute, and equipped armor.

2. Stamina (STA): Stamina determines your character’s energy pool for actions such as sprinting, jumping, and attacking. Running out of stamina reduces movement speed and limits certain actions. Stamina can be increased by leveling up and investing points in the Stamina attribute.

3. Oxygen (OXY): Oxygen represents the time your character can spend underwater without suffocating. It determines the duration you can hold your breath. Oxygen can be increased by leveling up and investing points in the Oxygen attribute.

4. Food (FOOD): Food represents your character’s hunger level. As it decreases, your character will suffer from starvation, resulting in health loss over time. Consuming food items or harvesting resources replenishes food. Higher Food stats reduce the rate of hunger decrease.

5. Water (WATER): Water represents your character’s hydration level. As it decreases, your character will suffer from dehydration, resulting in health loss over time. Drinking water or other hydrating items replenishes water. Higher Water stats reduce the rate of water decrease.

6. Weight (WT): Weight determines your character’s carrying capacity. It affects how much you can carry before becoming encumbered and unable to move. Investing points in the Weight attribute increases the maximum weight your character can carry.

7. Melee Damage (DMG): Melee Damage affects the damage output of your character’s melee attacks, such as punches and weapon strikes. Higher Melee Damage stats increase the damage dealt to enemies.

8. Movement Speed (SPD): Movement Speed determines how fast your character can move. Higher Movement Speed stats increase running and sprinting speed. It does not affect swimming speed.

9. Crafting Speed (CRAFT): Crafting Speed affects the speed at which your character crafts items. Higher Crafting Speed stats reduce the time required to craft various items.

10. Fortitude (FORT): Fortitude increases your character’s resistance to extreme temperatures, torpor (unconsciousness-inducing effects), and various environmental hazards. Higher Fortitude stats provide better resistance against these effects.

These are the primary stats and attributes that impact your character’s performance in ARK: Survival Evolved. You can allocate attribute points gained from leveling up to enhance specific stats based on your playstyle and survival needs. Additionally, equipping armor and consuming certain consumables can further modify these stats. Understanding and strategically investing in these attributes will help you tailor your character to various challenges and environments within the game.

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