Configuring Server Settings

Configuring server settings for your ARK: Survival Evolved dedicated server allows you to customize various aspects of the gameplay experience. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you configure the server settings:

Step 1: Locate the Configuration Files

  1. Navigate to the installation directory of your ARK: Survival Evolved dedicated server.
  2. Open the “ShooterGame” folder, followed by the “Saved” folder.
  3. Inside the “Saved” folder, locate the “Config” folder.

Step 2: Server Configuration File

  1. In the “Config” folder, find the “ServerSettings.ini” file. This file contains the majority of the server configuration settings.
  2. Open the “ServerSettings.ini” file using a text editor of your choice.

Step 3: Editing Server Settings

  1. Within the “ServerSettings.ini” file, you’ll find various sections corresponding to different aspects of the game.
  2. Modify the values next to each setting according to your desired preferences. Here are some common settings you may want to adjust:
    • ServerSettings
      • ServerAdminPassword: Set a password for server administration access.
      • MaxPlayers: Specify the maximum number of players allowed on the server.
      • ServerName: Set the name of your server.
      • ServerPassword: Assign a password for players to enter your server.
    • GameUserSettings
      • DifficultyOffset: Adjust the overall difficulty of the game. Higher values increase the challenge.
      • TamingSpeedMultiplier: Determine the speed at which players can tame creatures.
      • HarvestAmountMultiplier: Control the rate at which resources are gathered.
      • XPMultiplier: Set the experience gain rate for players.
      • DayCycleSpeedScale: Modify the speed of in-game day and night cycles.
    • ServerCrosshair
      • bShowCrosshair: Toggle the visibility of the crosshair.
    • ServerMessage
      • MessageInterval: Specify the time interval between server messages.
      • Message: Customize the message displayed to players at the specified interval.
    These are just a few examples of settings you can modify. The configuration file includes many more options to tweak the game mechanics, player progression, server rules, and more. Refer to the ARK: Survival Evolved documentation or community resources for a comprehensive list of available settings.
  3. Save the changes made to the “ServerSettings.ini” file.

Step 4: Additional Configuration Files Apart from the “ServerSettings.ini” file, you may find other configuration files in the “Config” folder that allow further customization. These files include:

  • Game.ini: Contains additional game-specific settings.
  • GameUserSettings.ini: Controls individual player settings.
  • Engine.ini: Configures advanced engine-related settings.

Make changes to these files if you require more specific control over certain aspects of the game or server.

Step 5: Restart the Server After making the desired changes to the server settings, restart your ARK: Survival Evolved dedicated server for the new configurations to take effect. The server will apply the updated settings upon startup.

By customizing the server settings according to your preferences, you can create a unique gameplay experience on your dedicated server. Experiment with different settings, test them in-game, and adjust as needed to provide an enjoyable environment for players.

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