Admin Commands and Console

Admin commands and the console in ARK: Survival Evolved provide server administrators with powerful tools to manage and customize their servers. These commands allow you to perform various administrative tasks, spawn items, manipulate the environment, and enforce server rules. Here’s an overview of admin commands and how to use the console:

1. Accessing the Console: To access the console in ARK: Survival Evolved, follow these steps:

  • Launch the game and start a single-player session or join your server as an administrator.
  • While in-game, press the Tab key on PC or the Start button on consoles to open the console.

2. Admin Command Syntax: Admin commands are entered in the console using a specific syntax. The general format is as follows:

admincommand [parameter1] [parameter2] ...
  • admincommand: Replace this with the actual command you want to execute.
  • [parameter1], [parameter2], …: Optional parameters that may be required for specific commands.

3. Common Admin Commands: Here are some commonly used admin commands in ARK: Survival Evolved:

  • cheat fly: Allows your character to fly freely.
  • cheat god: Grants invincibility, making your character invulnerable to damage.
  • cheat teleport [X] [Y] [Z]: Teleports your character to the specified coordinates on the map.
  • cheat destroyall [Classname]: Destroys all entities of the specified class.
  • cheat giveitemnum [Item ID] [Quantity] [Quality] [Blueprint]: Gives you the specified item with the desired quantity, quality, and blueprint status.
  • cheat gfi [Item ID] [Quantity] [Quality] [Blueprint]: Similar to the giveitemnum command, it gives you the specified item with the desired parameters.
  • cheat forcetame: Instantly tames the targeted creature, making it your loyal companion.
  • cheat infinitestats: Gives your character infinite stats, including health, stamina, food, water, and oxygen.
  • cheat destroyallenemies: Destroys all wild creatures on the map.
  • cheat slomo [value]: Adjusts the game speed. A value of 1 is normal speed, while lower values slow down the game and higher values speed it up.

These are just a few examples of the available admin commands. For a comprehensive list of commands and their usage, you can refer to official ARK: Survival Evolved documentation or community resources.

4. Command Restrictions and Cheat Mode: By default, the use of admin commands is restricted to players with administrator privileges on the server. To grant admin privileges to a player, you can add their Steam ID or in-game character name to the server configuration file.

Additionally, most admin commands require cheat mode to be enabled. Cheat mode allows the execution of powerful administrative commands. To activate cheat mode, you can enter the following command in the console:

cheat enablecheats [adminpassword]

Replace [adminpassword] with the server’s administrator password. Once cheat mode is enabled, you can execute admin commands.

5. Command Auto-Completion and History: The console in ARK: Survival Evolved provides auto-completion and command history features to make command entry easier. Pressing the Tab key while entering a command will auto-complete the command or suggest available options. Use the Up and Down arrow keys to navigate through the command history.

Remember to use admin commands responsibly and avoid abusing your power as a server administrator. Be cautious when making changes that affect gameplay balance and consult official documentation or community resources for detailed command usage and guidelines.

Using admin commands and the console effectivelycan greatly enhance your ability to manage and customize your ARK: Survival Evolved server. With these tools at your disposal, you can create unique experiences, resolve issues, and shape the gameplay environment to suit the needs of your players.

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