Basic Commands

Commands are sent to the server using the chat box as well. Most commands are prefixed with / (forward slash). For example, to see a list of common commands, press T to open the chat box, type in /help, and hit enter. Many of the commands on this server have multiple pages associated with them. When you enter /help, you see the help room at spawn, where you can see a list of commands in game that you can do: Here is a list of the commands you can use on Lectron Craft.

/m {username}

  • Privately message another player anywhere on the network.
  • Note: If the player isn’t on the same server the name will be case-sensitive.


  • Teleport to spawn.

/seen {username}

  • Checks the last login time of a player on the server. This will also show any previous usernames used by this player.

/realname -or- /rn

  • Find out who a nicknamed user really is.


  • Read the rules.


  • See our custom help information displayed to you on screen.


  • See the message of the day.

/help list

  • See our available help information pages displayed to you on screen.


  • This will teleport you to our tutorial which gives you many tips on how to play ECC.


  • Set the location of your home, however you can only have one home at a time unless you acquire the feature MultiHomes or MultiHomes+

/home -or- /h

  • This will teleport you to your default home named “home” if you only have one. If you dont have any homes it will teleport you to your last bed location. If more then one home is available a list will pop up showing your available homes ready for access, in which case use /home homename -or- /h homename.

/home bed -or- /h bed

  • This will teleport you to where your home bed is. You may place a bed and sleep in it at night to set your home bed, then use this command to return to that spot.

/kit tools

  • Receive a basic starter kit to use on Lectron Craft! This will help you get started in our world and jump right into building, mining and more! This can only be used once every 12 hours!

/tpa {username}

  • Sends a teleport request to a specified user)


  • Accept a teleportation request)


  • Deny a teleportation request.

/exp -or- /xp

  • Check your exp and how much exp is needed to level up to the next level.


  • Get your exact co-ordinate position shown to you.


  • Get the short name and the material name of the item you are holding in your hand.


  • Check the remaining durability of the tool you are holding.

/mail send {username} {message}

  • Send a mail to another player, so they will be able to read once online

/mail read

  • Read your mails

/mail or /mail help

  • Displays the list of the new cross-server mail commands

/mail list|listall

  • Read your new messages with /mail list
  • List all your mail messages with /mail listall

/mail del all|read

  • Delete your mails with /mail del all
  • Delete all read mails with /mail del read


  • Shows you what the server time is.


  • Teleports you to a wilderness land area in the world (Overworld).


  • List of server warps you are able to teleport to.
    • viet – takes you to Viet’s head
    • end – takes you right to the front of the end portal in Rising.
    • nether – takes you right to the front of the nether portal in Rising.


  • Teleport to the warp specified in the field.


  • See a list of warps.

Chat System #

Local chat is limited to 200 block range. This means that only people who are within a 200 block radius of you will see your message. Why? This allows for chat to be more clean and easier to moderate. It allows you to keep your conversations more private.

To chat globally, use ! prefix before the chat content. Example: !Hello world

To ask question so our moderators and admins can answer, use ? prefix before the chat content:

  • Example: ?How do I go to the wilderness?

Here is some information on our chat system, various channels, as well as commands on usage:

Channel #

Global Channel /ch global -or- /ch g #

  • This is the global channel. All users can access this channel. You can chat here with whoever is currently part of this channel. If it gets too big and noisy just leave it and stick to the local channel to chat with people currently around you.

Local Channel /ch local -or- /ch l

  • This is the local channel. This is the channel that you are put into by default on entry to the server. Here you can only hear people / speak to people that are within 400 blocks away from you in any direction. Very useful when you are working on a project with someone. If you want to focus with the people in your area only, just leave the global channel. This way only people that are near you will be heard. If you need to speak to someone either join the global channel back or if no one is there, message someone that is online with the /msg command.

Trade Channel /ch trade or /ch tr

  • This is the trade channel. All users can access this channel. All trades, items for sale, store advertisements (Not spammed however), and anything sale/trade related MUST always go into this channel. There are no exceptions. This channel is also to be used only for trade. Nothing else. If you’d like to make an auction you may announce it in this channel and ask users to join you if interested in the auction channel.) Starting an Auction example “/ch trade” (To enter trade channel) Now say: “Hey everyone 25 diamonds going for auction! JOIN me in auction channel if your interested! Use /ch auction command! See you there! – Now you join “/ch auction” channel and carry on with your auction.

Auction Channel /ch auction or /ch auc

  • This is the auction channel. All users can access this channel. Auctions may only go in here as they heavily spam the chat. You may leave this channel at ANY TIME using the “/ch leave auction” command. You can also use the /auction spam command so you can ignore only the messages that have been marked as “spammy”. (Bid broadcasts, timer broadcasts) instead of entirely leaving this channel. This channel is ONLY for Auctions.

Trivia Channel /ch trivia or /ch trv

  • This is the trivia channel. All users can access this channel. Players can ask trivia questions in this chat and sometimes they may offer prizes! This chat is only to be used for trivia questions however, and not for general chat.

Nether Channel /ch nether or /ch n

  • This is the Nether Channel! We ask you keep all nether talk while in the nether and battling to survive in this channel! Please leave global and talk in nether while you are there.

End Channel /ch end or /ch e

  • This is the End Channel! We ask you keep all end talk while in the end and living peacefully in this channel! Please leave global and talk in end while you are there.

Mining Channel /ch mining or /ch m

  • This is the Mining Channel! We ask you keep all mining talk while in the mining world and surviving in this channel! Please leave global and talk in mining while you are there.

Alert System Channel

  • This channel is only for those who have alert giving permissions. You cannot speak in this channel, nor can you leave it. It is simply to get all server alerts to you.

Chat Commands #

/m <username> <msg> #

  • With this command you can send a private message to another player that is online at the moment. These messages are private to you and the player you are messaging and are not visible to the users currently online on the server.

/r <msg>

  • Quickly reply to the last person to /msg you.

/shout <&colorcode> <msg> or /advert <&colorcode> <msg> or /me <&colorcode> <msg>

  • This command allows you to advertise to the entire main server anything you like. As long as it is ECC related. (No outside advertisements)
  • This message will be broadcasted to the entire server. There is no possible way of leaving the shout/advert channel to not see those messages!
  • Everytime you use this command you will be charged. The current price is: $1000
  • Using this command allows you to completely bypass the CAPS filter. You may type in all caps, in tons of funky characters ex: (~~–~~ || BUY NOW || ~~–~~), etc.
  • The default color your message will appear if you do not use a color code will be light green. (Color code a) You are however able to change your color code. Below are examples:
    • /shout Buy from my block shop!!!!!
      • Using the above command will shout the message in the default bright green color.
    • /shout &dBuy from my block shop!!!!!
      • Using the above command will shout the message in a bright pink color.
      • Check out the following chart for a list of colors: Click here for colors! or by using the /help colors / colours command in-game.
  • Users will not be punished for using any amount of characters/CAPS. You may type in all CAPS, even in all characters. There is simply no rules (Other then below) to using /shout. Multiple spam is as well allowed. If you feel like you must flood the screen with your advertisement, by all means, do so. You are the one spending a ton of money doing it.
  • Note that shouts only broadcast on the main server. They do not broadcast across the network.
    • No outside advertisements non related to the Lectron Craft server.
    • Absolutely nothing offensive/vulgar/racist/inappropriate!

/ch help

  • This displays a help menu listing a brief description of all the available commands.

/ch list (page)

  • This displays a list of visible channels. A channel that has a * infront of its name means you are currently in that channel and listening to it. To stop listening to it use the leave command shown below.

/ch who

  • Lists of players that are currently in your active channel. You will not be able to use this command on any of the default chat channels. This command will only work for any custom channels you are chatting in.

/ch [channel] (password)

  • Sets your active channel. For example type “/ch global” to chat in the global channel by default when pressing your chat button ” t ” and typing a message. This is also the same as joining a channel however it also sets it to your active channel.
    • ex: “/ch global” makes you join channel “global” and change it to your active channel.

/ch join [channel] (password) or /join [channel] (password)

  • Same thing as above command except doesn’t change your active channel.
    • ex: “/ch join global” while using channel local as your active channel allows you to join the global channel (To see messages in it) while keeping your default channel set on “local”

/ch leave [channel]

  • Leaves the specified channel.
  • You will no longer be able to see messages from this channel.

/ignore (player)

  • Use this command to ignore or un-ignore a player. If you don’t provide a name while using this command, it will show your ignore list.
    • ex: “/ch ignore” shows your ignore list
    • ex: “/ch ignore kevin” ignores player kevin
    • ex: “/ch ignore kevin” now un-ignores him if hes already ignored.


  • Ignore incoming private messages from other users, use this command to not accept private messages but not ignore individuals.

/ch afk (message)

  • Use this command to make the message ‘<AFK>’ show up whenever someone PM’s you. If you put a message after ‘/ch afk’ it will show that message. Reusing the command will turn off the afk message.
    • ex: ‘/ch afk Busy’ will show ‘<AFK> Busy’ when a PM is sent.
    • ex: ‘/ch afk again will remove the message ‘<AFK> Busy’

/ch tell <username> or /tell <username>

  • Another great reminder! Using command “/tell <username>” Will start a personal convo with the person of choice. Every time you type in chat afterwards will go to that person! Use command “/tell” to cancel the convo.

/ch <command> ?

  • This command will display the help of the command you used.
    • ex: “/ch ignore” shows your ignore list


I have been noticing that a vibrant communication community is good for a game server! It allows for people to communicate with each other in an easy and modern fashion, it means that everyone can talk to each other about jobs and trades even when they’re not in-game!

 For those of you who don’t know, we have a Discord server.

What is a Discord Server?

A Discord server is a text and voice server we user to talk with the players of Lectron Craft!

Why don’t we just use Skype?

Discord is far better than Skype for many reasons:

  • It can be administrated.
  • Its always online.
  • Everyone can connect.
  • More secure that Skype to protect your personal information.
  • Has more options like push to talk, or chat.
  • More suited for a game server.

Mail System #

These are the mail commands, which allow you to send messages to other players even when they’re not online. Mail is very important, as you can send messages to people when you don’t have contact to them. You can also use this to keep notes to people.

These are the mail commands, which allow you to send messages to other players even when they’re not online. Mail is very important, as you can send messages to people when you don’t have contact to them. You can also use this to keep notes to people. 

  • /mail read– Check your mail.
    • /pm – alias for /mail.
  • /mail help – Get usage information on the private message command.
  • /mail send player message – send message to player.
  • /mail next – shows the next unread message.
  • /mail r num – shows message number num.
  • /mail d num – deletes message number num.
  • /mail l [num] – list 8 messages starting from 1, or optionally from num.

Warps #

This is the warps pages, you can view where all the warps are. These are key warps as it shows you where different key locations of the server are. Each warp contains an individual area where you’ll be able to unlock new stuff, as well as do awesome stuff like go to a gym and get married. 

/warp church

  • Get married here

/warp hangouts

  • Ethan’s hangout place

/warp gym

  • go to Dwerpy’s gym to workout

/warp dharma

  • Official server town

/warp ranks

  • View server ranks here

/warp claims

  • Learn how to claim land here

/warp crates

  • Redeem crates here

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