Our promise to provide our clients with the highest quality product in the Minecraft/DDoS community is something that allows the company to develop.

Overall, it is a team goal to always ensure the client is satisfied with the product they are receiving. As while we stand strong with the company, it is also important that the clients understand that we keep our promises for what they will receive.

How can I incorporate Lectron’s promise into the work I am doing? #

When being commissioned to provide a file that is a part of Lectron, it is important to understand the promise we hold to our clients. Overall, we want the client to know that they are unable to trust that we will provide what we state.

Consider asking yourself the following questions when doing your commissioned work:

A. How does my work help develop a client’s understanding of the guarantee that Lectron will keep their promise?

B. If I saw this, would this cause me to believe Lectron will provide the products stated? If not, how can I change that?

C. Am I achieving the promise I gave to Lectron to provide high-quality work, similar to how Lectron promises their clients?

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