With a design that is clear and deemed accessible to all, there is no barrier between the ability of every client who visits the Lectron website being able to successfully navigate the website.

When designing a file, like a website, that will be a part of the experience that coincides with Lectron as a whole; it is important to ensure that all the products are accessible to everyone despite their technological accessibility. To ensure this is achieved, it is important to follow the four principles of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines:

1. Perceivable: The final product is able to be understood by a group

2. Operable: All items which require an “input” are fully functional

3. Understandable: Information and Operation must be easy to understand

4. Robust: Content can be altered to fit the requirements of the technology

Structure and Hierarchy

Developing a file that will be seen and interacted with by various clients and personnel carries an important understanding of clarity. With this, it is of importance to use a consistent structure that follows an outline of importance and ease of use. 

Often, it is an idea to use a structure that is beneficial for all people. Think of other sites which never have clarity/ease of use problems and understand how and why this occurs.

As it comes to ensuring the structural integrity of the files which you will be providing, please go through the following tests to ensure that the file will work through any request technology may have.

1. Informative: Keep all information presented, don’t hide information

2. Guides: If something seems unclear, provide a quick line of text

3. Interaction: Zoom, Highlight, etc. – ensure the site can fit to all needs4. Consistency: Ensure Images, Links, etc. are all formatted the same

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