How to setup Spigot Minecraft in Lectron Dashboard?

Step 1


Step 2

Add your Spigot IP Address and port

  • Protocol – select TCP & UDP
  • Origin IP Address– Spigot IP address
  • Origin Port – Spigot Port
  • Proxy Port – Random port / Dedicated port (optional)
  • TLS mode – off (default)
  • TCP Proxy Protocol – off (default)
  • UDP Proxy Protocol – off (default)

After filling all fields click Save

Step 3

After Successfully creating proxy you will see a notification on top right side 

  • Protect Proxy

You need to use the Protected Proxy IP and Port on your server

  • Origin IP

Its your server IP, DONT SHARE

  • Orgin Port

Your server Port

  • Today Data Usage

Here you can see your server hourly usage

  • Created Date

Here you can check the date and time of proxy created

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