What is Load Balancer?

Load means evenly distributing the load (incoming network traffic) to a group of backend resources or servers.

Load Balancer works on version 4 of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model. It is one point of customer communication. The load balancer distributes internal flow to the end of the load balance to reverse the pool conditions. These flows are based on rules designed to balance the burden and health investigations. Backend pool conditions can be Virtual Machines or events in a virtual machine set.

The public upload balancer can provide outbound virtual reality (VM) connections within your virtual network. This connection is achieved by translating their private IP addresses into public IP addresses. General Load Balancers are used to load online balance on your VMs.

An Internal (or private) upload rate is used where only private IPs are required. Internal load balancers are used to load traffic balance within a virtual network. The front balancer frontend can be accessed from the network in the building in hybrid mode

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