Slowloris Attack

Slowloris Attack is a low and slow protocol attack tool that generates a denial of service attack. It generates a slow rate and low volume of traffic that it makes it difficult to be detected by standard anti – DOS mitigation systems.

This type of attack sends off a simple “get request” to a website whereas the server will respond with the specific request. This attack uses these requests subtlety without using any codes but only by creating simple conversations between servers without any termination sequence. This causes the web server to allocate limited resources to these open connections for it expects them to be short and terminated. This process is hard to detect by firewalls or anti – DOS mitigation systems for these are valid HTTP requests.

Slowloris will use this loop hole and generates thousands of requests as long as it can where none of them are terminated which consumes available open connections and denies new and legitimate users, thus creating a denial of service.

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