What is the internet?

According to Wikipedia, The Internet (or internet) is the global system of interconnected computer networks that uses the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to communicate between networks and devices. It is a network of networks that consists of private, public, academic, business, and government networks of local to global scope, linked by a broad array of electronic, wireless, and optical networking technologies. The Internet carries a vast range of information resources and services, such as the inter-linked hypertext documents and applications of the World Wide Web (WWW), electronic mail, telephony, and file sharing.

The internet is a beautiful place to hang out because you know, as you get on and starts doing stuff on it, it affords a lot of freedom but not an easy per se kind of freedom, but the type that quickens your wit and aggrandize your energy, providing you with tools upon tools to make your work seem easy, joyful and interesting. But the good thing is that it affords you the joy of having to interact with the entire world as a community and gives you the urge to keep improving on yourself, even making you understand that if you want to make a better living from the internet platform, you must work fervently and with all vigor, and by so doing, you will certainly need to recreate yourself by recreating what you do in other to become a brand representing what you present to the world as a representation of yourself, and as a service you offer. Having done that well, it’s like waking early to follow the same process of getting down to your brick and mortar office or shop, but this time the only difference is the freedom to work at home or anywhere of your choice depending on where you want to be located. That is the difference between hardcore internetwork and the conventional system, but the return on revenue is overwhelming, because of its ability to reach a huge community. To me, it’s a whole new channel that has enhanced and triggered rapid growth when we work earnestly and get immeasurable results earnestly. It’s awesome and splendid.

Having said all that, the internet is an environment where people are able to set up networks of devices and make them communicate with one another.

In fact, it is now that real wealth just got created, thanks to mathematics and computer science, thanks to programmers and their programming languages, thanks to all you who contributed immensely in the research and knew what they were going after to achieve for humanity, thank you so much. Without the internet, I wonder how I would be able to keep in touch with friends all around the world and at the same time be able to be transacting without having to travel except when the urge bids me or for fun sake and the pleasure of making exciting new friends and getting to know them and that can also happen every day just by sitting in front of my PC walls or clog myself in front of my iPhone, and even be able to post a product and sell and also be able to buy a need of my desire and get it delivered accurately at the promised date. Beautiful huh? Is that all, no it isn’t. Or is it the access to the wealth of knowledge, books that I never knew I could lay my hands on, or is it the archivers of movies, magazines, images, and videos of locations that I didn’t think I could see, but now, I could see them classically and even keep memories of them? Interesting huh? This is the magic and wonder of mathematics. It is beauty more deserving, it is ecstatic. So beautiful to be alive and enjoy these trends going on, I can easily see my best cities and even see the interior part of them as I want to, imagine also the real culture and listening to the real foreigner speak, watch live news and games, attend webinars in my niche or outside of my niche, etcetera.

There are a whole bunch of activities to get involve with, just with these two implements: an iPhone and a laptop that is connected to the internet can get anyone rocking to owning a substantial shop capable of making millions and billions. This is amazing by just owning a web page and an email. Or is the witnessing of how easily it has become to receive and secure payments and how easy it has become to transact, indeed in the last days, knowledge truly abound. Children are thinking more like adults and adults really are thinking and behaving more like the little children, though all good, do you sense what I am sensing here, heaven is about to explode in on us and mankind is witnessing divine change and a transfer of wealth that has happened in a little space of time that surpasses all the transactions done in a millennium or two. With that in mind, are you not seeing where you stand on the planet earth, that it is only a matter of time until you become a billionaire and be swimming in massive wealth, which will help you employ all the health gadgets you need in becoming healthy, dude are you noticing that we are approaching a time in history when becoming sick will not be news anymore and be totally forgotten. A time when humans will transcend all hindrances and now be able to develop in earnestness that godlike nature and ability that will see us living as Angels and transcending all barriers, is happening already.

Science is lovely, but my advice to everyone is to return back to school, at least that of mathematics and languages, pure mathematics and pure language, because we are going to be using the heavenly language, and what is it?

We are going to be talking and writing so fast that if one did not train afresh in mathematics to assimilate and understand with quick wit all the calculus and mathematical notations and geometry and its pureness in languages, we might not be able to understand a great well knowledgeable population. Guys, the trick and tip here is to equip one’s mind with books and more books and keep reading and solving mathematical equations, this will increase mind development and creativity. That is the main reason why those books stored in our bricks and mortar libraries have climb from there to a place where they will be read and people have access to them (the internet) because they have seated enough in those libraries, and caged as a secret which only the privilege used to oppress and dominate, but today, just like the great Lord Jesus Christ prophesied, everything hidden shall be revealed and unveiled, and here it is happening already, you don’t need to do anything, the transformation will just hit you like a bomb.

Just see how people are connecting with each other, the world is becoming a tiny community, one man in another axis of the planet with another in a far different part, merging and partnering in business as if they live on the same street, a trend that has never been seen in modern times or thought of at least by many except few true initiates who knew of this wave and thunderbolt coming like a tsunami of knowledge. Go on, stop whatever you are doing right now, use your last bait and get yourself a laptop and an iPhone, and get connected to the internet in an instance and see what access you be able to have. You buy, you can sell, attend classes and be well-schooled through it, you can teach and be taught as well, you can participate in any routine activity you usually do before the advent of the internet, you can now even do them better, in fact, the one that amazes me the most is that you can see everyone in their living room, what they do in their bedroom, their toilet, their kitchen, and randomly, even in the vacation, did you see that nothing is a secret anymore, no nothing, not even of yours or of mine, everyone knows everyone, and everyone is a united front, everyone I mean.

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