Messaging guidelines

Use these guidelines for guidance on the correct replies to use when formatting a message.

For a further understanding on the importance of this, it is important to understand how the ability to grasp a client’s businesses can be made or broken based on how they are interacted with. Henceforth, poor messaging (i.e. Grammatical Errors, Rude Diction, etc.) can lead to the clients leaving; while proper messaging can cause the clients to stay.

Error Messages #

When formatting an error message, like when something isn’t correctly filled in, it is important to note the following to ensure the client doesn’t feel disrespected.

1. Do not dehumanize the client.

2. Explain briefly what happened and why that did.

3. Explain briefly how this error can be fixed.

4. Treat errors as opportunities to learn the correct way. 

Don’t: No account matching this user found.

Do: We were unable to find you in our system.

To summarize, clients like to know why something happened and how to fix it. Instead of just saying something like, Incorrect Password, it might be better to say, Incorrect Password – Please reset your password by clicking on Forgot Password.

Success Messages #

As anyone else would have the same feeling of a success message appearing, we aim to make the client feel as though they truly accomplished something that they can be proud of.

With that we try to ensure the client feels the following ways when they see the success message:

1. Empowered – Did something they can be proud of.

2. Motivated – Ready to continue attacking the task.

3. Determined – Looking to bring change to those around them.

Informational Messages #

With all messages that are going to be guidance based on the information the client will perceive, we aim to have them teach rather than command.

For further clarification, it is the goal for us to clear to the client why they are reading this message. With that, we try to ensure that the message achieves the following:

1. Clear and Concise – Straight to the point.

2. Allow the client to understand easily why they are seeing this.

3. Use common words/phrases that are understood by all.

Do: Are you still there? We logged you out to ensure your account safety.Don’t: Logged Out. Due to our safety measures we have added to the firewalls your account has been automatically closed as you went AFK for an extended period of time.

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