Writing style

The writing style which Lectron has adopted represents our company’s core values, mission, and design style.

As stated in an earlier section when talking about our personality as a company we are looking to follow those same ideas.

Bold #

With this style it is almost a goal to motivate others around you. Essentially, your goal is to stand out amongst the rest – similarly to Lectron looking to stand out from the other companies – and make others feel as though when working with Lectron they can achieve amazing things.

Hopeful #

As people who are new to the company, whether as a client or a worker, may struggle, it is important for us a whole to provide encouragement to those who seem to need the assistance. With encouraging phrases like, Try Again!, Almost There, and Just one more step!, the client or worker may feel drawn to stick with Lectron for an extended period of time as they feel accepted despite the struggles they may have.

Clear and Concise #

We aim to keep everything we say easy to read and cause no confusion at all. This style allows for the common person who doesn’t have any knowledge in the internet networking field to understand what Lectron is about and what can be offered. 

Overall, as society changes the way we write our messages and interact with clients will change also. For now, we aim to do the best we can to ensure everything our clients and workers read is easy to understand and process. Therefore, the process of completion is streamlined with little to no delay present.

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