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When creating files, you may often be required to use images and videos which allow for them to easily showcase past work or a tutorial of how to go about the website.

There are important notices that are to be understood when using any images or videos to ensure the safety of not only the client who is viewing that image or video but also Lectron.

Please review the notices below to ensure the images and videos do not cause any issues with these notices

Important Notices #

1. Only use royalty/copyright-free images and video.

2. Ensure the image and video will resize correctly amongst technology.

3. Ensure the images and video are organized as the text is organized.

4. Review the image and video to ensure there is no NSFW content in it.

5. Review the images and videos to ensure the creator cannot edit/delete the file(s) and disrupt/destroy the work you are presenting, that Lectron will use.

6. Request the correct assets from Lectron rather than using what you want.

As you begin to create important files which contain things like images and videos it is important you consistently review these notices to ensure there are no problems that may occur. 

If you are unsure if your images and videos violate these notices, as yourself the following questions:

1. Would I allow for this to represent myself and my company?

2. Is this the best/safest image or video I could find?

3. Did I try to find the correct content or did I choose the first one?

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