The usage of specific typography, also known as a font, allows for a feeling of how the business is run and how important that information is to the viewer. Henceforth, it is important to follow the guidance we have set below.

Below is the list of font styling and when to use them. This allows for consistency through the website so the client doesn’t feel confused, thinking they are on a different website.

Font Styles/Types: #

Ensure you follow these guidelines to ensure that the work you are commissioned to do is completed correctly. The fonts we prefer are ones that are “welcoming” – in more specifics one which is easy to read and isn’t extremely block-like.

The following is information regarding when you should use these styles of writing in your work.

1. Bold/Large: Used to bring notice to information – Titles, Headers, etc.

2. Bold/Small: Used to bring notice to information inside paragraphs – used to highlight the key facts inside an informative guideline

3. Normal/Large: Used in correlation with Bold/Large – allows for the contrast in titles, headers, etc. between what is and isn’t needed to be seen.4. Normal/Small: Used for normal text – allows for information to be presented without taking away from the other information present

Font Structuring: #

When using the above font styles, it is important to use them in the correct way which the guidelines state them to be used. For further clarification, please follow the Do’s and Don’ts of Font Structure.

Font Dos:

1. Use the large font styles in the same lines.

2. Use the small font styles in the same lines.

3. Keep the text organized and structured.

4. Ensure the text is able to be resized and readable on all technology.

5. Ensure all the text you type is spelled and formatted correctly.

Font Don’ts:

1. Don’t use colors sporadically throughout the information.

2. Don’t use “slang” in the information you type.

3. Don’t leave large spaces in between headers and information.

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