How to report high ping issues to Lectron?


For connection between Visitor and Lectron.

1. We will  need you to do and also ask your visitors/players/customers to screenshot what they see  when the visit and

The result will reveal:

* which data center is handling their request, so we can help to check the (b) part from the above diagram.

* the visitor’s IP address (and we can see which network / ASN they’re in) so we can check the (d) part from the above diagram.

2. We will need an MTR (or traceroute) from the visitors/players/customers  to Lectron, and from the users/players to your origin server. Use WinMTR result from the visitors/players/customers location to the impacted proxy/tunnel— i.e.,  — and to your origin server IP address — as this will reveal if there’s any issue with the network routing issues from their end (for the upstream provider to reach out to the data center).

– 2a. Download WinMTR:

– 2b. Input your origin server IP, and Start. Let it run for 1 to 5 minutes. Then export to a text file.

– 2c. Input your Lectron proxy/tunnel address, and Start. Let it run for 1 to 5 minutes. Then export to a text file.


For connection between Lectron and your origin server

We can help you to run some MTR from the data center identified in the previous step to your origin server.

3. We will request you to do the reverse MTR from your origin server (after we know which data center is involved) to the affected data center to measure the (c) part from the above diagram.

– 3a. Connect to your origin server machine

– 3b. Download WinMTR for Windows: For Linux (example, Debian/Ubuntu): apt install mtr -y

– 2b. Input Lectron proxy/tunnel address, and Start. Let it run for 1 to 5 minutes. Then export to a text file.


Please put all the results into one folder, zip it and send it to us via email or ticket. We will send the results to the upstream providers in appropriate format for them to fix the issues. The time frame to fix complex issues is usually 1 month or less.

These steps above are very important for us to help you in the best manner possible.

Please document everything in a folder, mark the date + time zone and the proxy/tunnel in question in the folder/zip file name and send it to us. We can use the information to send to the upstream provider to fix. The upstream provider won’t accept other formats.

It’s best to do those steps at the specific time of having high ping/disconnections.

If you feel that there are attacks going through to your application, please send that to us as well and include a Pcap result (more advanced steps if you know what you are doing).

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