How to Setup Geyser with lectron (Spigot) ?

Step 1

Steps to follow on lectron Dashboard.

First you need to create a proxy on lectron dashboard for your geyser.

Click Create Proxy:

Follow the way as in the image below;

  • Name – you can type any name you want
  • Protocol – select UDP
  • Origin IP Address– type your geyser IP address here
  • Origin Port – type your geyser port
  • Proxy Port – Random port / Dedicated port (optional)
  • UDP Proxy Protocol – use PROXY Protocol v2 ( if you enabled proxy protocol in geyser config, you can turn off UDP here if you are not using proxy protocol )

After filling all fields click Save

Step 2

Steps to follow on Geyser config.yml.

In this step you need to edit config.yml on Geyser Spigot, which will be on the location “/plugins/Geyser-Spigot/config.yml” (default)

  • Here change enable-proxy-protocol to true. ( by default it is false )
  • Then Save the file and restart your server.
  • After this you can connect Minecraft pe/bedrock through lectron ip and port

Stay safe from DDoS Attacks with Lectron, If you have any doubt chat with as.

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