What is proxy Server?

A proxy server is a machine that acts as an intermediary for requests, acting just like a mirror of the original. They can also be used to improve performance by making sure content is being fetched from one place, instead of many different servers. Proxies are often used to help protect one’s privacy, as they can hide the user’s IP address and stop potential hackers from seeing what the computer is doing.

A representative is an intermediate, who relays messages between you and servers. When you send queries through a proxy, the proxy sends them to Google instead of to you directly. For a discreet inquiry, you could have your spokesperson talk to Google and ask them how they’re cheating at poker. You can request a specific answer from them without revealing your identity to Google beforehand.

Processes are widely used for privacy, content filtering, temporary storage, and security login testing. They’re perfect for cases where you need to do a quick test of your system without putting in all the time & energy that you would into doing it normally.

We will create a new type of representative, known as the “man-in-the-middle” (MITM). Security login-proof inspectors often use MITM protocols to read, log on to, and modify client data that is exchanging with a remote server.

You can use MITM to check the traffic on your favorite dating app by ordering your smartphone to send traffic to your MITM representative. We can now answer the question of how far is Alex for you on your behalf. Your smartphone will no longer have to send this information through the server of that dating app, but instead send it through our MITM representative.

Your MITM representative will make this request and return it to your smartphone for any response received. It will also record the content of Your MITM representative will make this request and return it to your smartphone. You can then check that data for any replies you’ve received, in addition to the content of the original request. A representative will record all of their work so that you don’t have to. You can use the records they make to improve your phone apps when they come out or even modify them yourself.

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