How to Start

If you have never played Minecraft before, the Minecraft Wiki is a great place to start.

When you join the server, you will be placed in the spawn area. You can always return to this area by entering the /spawn command.

Main City
The spawn area is located in the middle of the main city. The city contains shops, residences that belong to donators, arenas, and other features.

There is a currency system on this server. To check how much money you have, enter the command /balance

This money is used to buy/sell items at the shop. You can also give money to another play by using the “pay” command, like this: /pay USERNAME AMOUNT

Most of the shops in the city have massive artwork above it depicting the type of items in the shop. For example, the armor shop has a large piece of artwork above it that looks like armor, the weapons shop has weapons above it, the mineral/materials shop has a gold block above it, etc.

Inside a shop, each item that is being sold will have a sign that looks like this:

  • The first line is the user who is selling
  • The second line is the quantity
  • The third line is the Buy Price:Sell Price
  • The last line is the item being sold

In the above example, you could buy 64 diamonds for $10, or sell back 64 diamonds for $5.

Additionally, users have the ability to create their own custom shops. These types of shops can be constructed anywhere in the world. See the Shop Tutorial above for a tutorial on how to setup your own shop.

Purchasing and Selling

To purchase an item from a shop, look at the sign for the item you want to purchase/sell. RIGHT-click the sign to purchase. LEFT-click the sign to sell your items.

Note: Not all shops have the option to sell your items back to the shop


The first question new users usually ask is “Where can I build a house?”. The main area around the spawn is protected and cannot be mined or built. You will need to wander a long ways away from the spawn to find a place to mine or build.

Additionally, there are some warps that you can warp to which may be more suited for mining and building. (Use the /warp command in the game to see a list of warps, and use /warp WARPNAME to warp to that place.

There is also /kit tools to help you get started mining. Enter /kit tools to get basic mining tools.


Once you find a place to build a home, type in the following command: /sethome – This will set your home location. Then, anywhere in the game, you can type in /home and you will return to this location.


By default on this server, chests are protected inside claimed lands. This means that when you place a chest somewhere inside your claimed land, you are the only one who can open or destroy the chest. Your belongings should be safe in a chest. There are no (known) limits to how many protected chests you can create.

Other protected items

In addition to chests, there are NO known items on this server are protected by default.

Land Claims

Since this is a multiplayer server, you need to protect the structures you build from being destroyed by other players (except the items mentioned above). You are limited to the size and number of claims you can use.

There is a few kits to help you start a claim. To list the kits available, enter /kits. To start, enter /kit tools and /kit claim to receive some extra items.

Nether & The End

Nether and The End worlds are reset frequently, from twice a day to once a week to keep the Ender Dragon boss fresh for players to kill.

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