High Latency and General Lag

Table of Contents

Causes #

  • Your server has higher than normal load average. Check htop to ensure no processes are consuming higher than normal CPU.
  • Your applications themselves are suffering degraded performance.
  • The backend is located too far away from our edge proxies. This isn’t usually the case because our network is routed globally accross over 200 locations.
    • (In other terms, your server is geographically too far from our edge network.)
  • There is packet loss between you and our network, which could result from:
    • Link saturation at any point in the route between us and you
    • The backend resides on an unstable network (i.e. residential)
    • Packets are taking a longer route on either the send or return path

Troubleshooting #

We will use a tool called mtr (My TraceRoute) to diagnose any packet loss that might be occuring between TCPShield and your backend. To get started, we will install the utility:


apt-get install mtr -y


yum install mtr -y

Now, we will perform an MTR to one of our proxies to determine packet loss on the return path from your server to Lectron network. We can do this as follows:

mtr mc.lectron.com -t

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