what is DDoS attack?

DDoS omits the first D and DoS (Denial of Service) means denial of service. DoS attack is a denial of service attack, the purpose of which is to make the server (server) unable to provide the service (e.g. website, DNS…). DoS attack is simply understood as 1 vs 1.

The first D in DDoS is Distributed. Therefore, DDoS attacks can be understood simply as hitting the council, many guys gather around 1. Sometimes thousands and thousands of bots (hijacked machines) attack a website, a service.

By now, you must have understood which style is more difficult to play, right?

For DDoS attacks, the defenses located on the user’s system (on-premise) are almost useless. Once the transmission is blocked, the purpose of the attack is considered established. To counter DDoS waves, users need to connect and use the DDoS prevention services of network providers.

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