Getting started

Step One: Add your application #

Login to the Lectron dashboard. You will now have a new app in the nav bar called Cloud. Click on it.

Click on the button at the top right that says ‘Create an Application’

In the first field, enter the domain the application will be on.

In the field titled Edge Port, type in which port Lectron should listen on for your application.

In the next row, enter the origin IP and port of your application.

Proxy Protocol is a method for a proxy like Lectron to send the client IP to the origin application. Enable it if your application requires the true client IP and supports Proxy Protocol

Note: If your application don’t support any proxy_protocol enable in the config, you will need to install mmproxy on your server machine to receive visitors’ true IP address

Now click Add

Step Two: Done! #

You’re now ready to proxy traffic through Cloudflare, no further configuration necessary. As you run traffic through Cloudflare, you will see the last minute of traffic in the Spectrum app in the dashboard.

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