What is Lectron?

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We enhance security and acceleration for any TCP or UDP based application on all ports from 1 to 65535. That means you can route MQTT, email, file transfer, version control, games, anything over TCP or UDP through Lectron to mask the origin and protect it from DDoS, as well as increase the traffic quality tremendously.

We use anycast DDoS mitigation method and focus on the security, stability, and uptime of game, telnet, ssh, video, email servers, file streaming, video streaming servers and more. Our goal is to improve your end user experience by being the cosmic guard in front of your applications and make your experience running online services as enjoyable as possible.

How it Works #

Lectron is a distributed anycast proxy with over 200 locations around the world. That means we sit in front of your front facing application and intercept internet packets on your behalf, and then run our special algorithms to determine the legitimacy of incoming traffic to your service. When Lectron detects invalid or malicious traffic, we mitigate it and keep your services online.

First Steps #

At the moment, we specialize in providing games servers. To receive our premium solutions, visit our dashboard to get everything up and running in under 5 minutes!

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