Digital transformations at rocket speed 

We help businesses build new technology using best practice in the market at scale and on demand.

IT On-Demand

Radical transparency to build better software, faster.

Specter Intelligence

Search and Discovery using millions of data points.

Innovation Spanning Multiple Sectors

Lectron is a global science, technology and engineering company. From Ocean Cloud Storage System and software integrations to private data intelligence and communications systems. People and businesses around the world depend on our products and services for their scalability, convenience and security.

Our Workplace

Who We Are

We are Lectron. We build and manage globally distributed tech talent efficiently to deliver real results on demand. It’s a whole new approach to creating tech that will provide your company with speed, reliability, and quality.

We are global

We are made up of top talent from around the world. Because the best people don't all come from one place.

We are dynamic

We are brought together in just days, are ready to work dynamically and expand without limits to build industry changing software products for your organization.

We are always ready

While breakthrough ideas require the best talent, finding the right people and building high performing teams can be hard. The reality is most companies don’t have the resources they need to innovate. But we’re about to change all of that.

Why Our Clients Choose Lectron?

Comprehensive capabilities, flexible engagements
Industrialized approach
Currency, currency exchange, exchange, Barter
Transformation without mind-bending complexity
Sector-specific expertise
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Strong partners
Business and strategic perspective
Support traditional & transitional IT
Global scale
Proven results
Constant stream of innovation

Lectron delivers real results consistently for the world’s fast growing companies. 

Here are some recent success stories.


Cutting onboarding from 30 days to 10 minutes.

Sharebold is a leading local social sharing brand with web assets in multiple design industries. They needed help with an app that would shorten times for new account onboarding. A Lectron team spread over three continents quickly found a way to cut the whole experience down to an astounding 10 minutes, the fastest in the world.

A whole new approach for selling kitchenware products

Essos’s goal is to make beautiful and functional home and kitchen products at an accessible price to United States consumers. Lectron helped Essos with premium domain name rental, setting up email infrastructure, and building a web app with optimized performance and security that delivered authoritative and reliable experience in the kitchenware space. The launch was an instant success with hundreds of products sold within the first few months, and constantly growing.

Highly visual biographic experience. Delivered real fast.

Nguyen is the most popular last name in Vietnam. The Nguyen Family struggled to find the right talent to build a highly visual walkthroug of the family ancestry that were more detailed than anything else. Lectron spun up a team that perfectly fit the specialized skillset required. This high performing group focused on the most essential features helping The Nguyen Family launch the website three months faster than planned.

Working with Lectron helps move your business forward.


Can’t find the right teams

Driven by release


Slowed by outdated resources


Unlimited team capacity

Driven by experimentation

Data-driven results

New process and tools

We help save time, money and stress

Unlike the traditional software development process, Lectron shows you the true cost of your project upfront and, due to our transparent approach, ultimately saves our customers around $25K* and 4 months, start to finish.

* Based upon our customers' average budget of $50K and timeline of 6 months for design & development.




Cost Overruns
Change Orders
Licensing Cost
Traditional Development

It's easy to get started.


Tell us about your project.


Let’s figure out what to build.


We’ll put together a team quickly.


Help our customers succeed

Lectron. We Share Your Vision.

Our members work hard with one focus – our customers’ grand vision and missions. Whether it's protecting data or advancing the boundaries of technology, these missions are some of the most challenging in the world. We bring an unwavering commitment to help our customers succeed, and it’s that sense of purpose and opportunity to make a difference in the world that helps us go the extra mile every day.