How to Protect Your Modem from DDoS Attacks?


Denial of Service (DoS) attacks deny users access to their device or network. While a Denial of Service attacker can target anyone, online gamers, e-commerce websites, and Forex traders are highly vulnerable to attack. This article shows you how DoS attacks can affect modems and how you can protect your modem.

If you have little interest in the security world, you may know DOS and DDOS attacks. It is a type of attack that forces the server to slow down by sending too much traffic. For those who don’t know, both DoS and DDoS work in the same way, the only difference being that DoS is delivered from a single computer, whereas DDoS is provided from multiple devices connected to the Internet.

Both DoS and DDoS attacks are common these days and can target anyone like an online gamer, website, blogger, etc.

So, that is enough information about DoS and DDoS. Let us know how we can protect our Modem from such attacks. It is noted that prevention is always better than cure, and some things are not entirely cured. By that, we mean that the severity of the DoS and DDoS attacks

How a DoS works?

DoS (Denial of Service) operates as DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service). The only difference is that DoS is launched on a single computer using a single internet connection. In contrast, DDoS is found from multiple Internet devices or computers and may use more than one internet connection. DoS or DDoS comes in different names, depending on their attack mode. Examples include SYN Flood, Smurf, Ping of Death, and more.

Prohibition Attackers will attack the device or network with fake traffic or application requests. These bombings flood the victim’s system and block legal applications. In some cases, the attacker creates a botnet using other connected devices and IPs from unsuspecting Internet users to create a Denial Service. In this case, we call it the Distributed Denial Service (DDoS).

How to Protect Your Modem From DoS & DDoS Attacks?

Prevention is always better than cure. Some things are incurable – so you can prevent damage. You can protect your modem using a virtual private network (VPN), secure Firewall, or your combination of both VPN and Firewall – if they work together.

Below, we’ll share some of the best ways to help protect your Modem from the Denial-of-service attacks in 2020.

Detects DOS Attack

You can do this by simply disconnecting the Modem, and once your PC is connected directly to your Modem, turn it off again and rest all such things for 10 minutes. Reconnect everything and unlock it, and you will see everything working. Then it will be a DOS attack for sure

1. Use Virtual Private Networks

The most potent way to prevent DoS attacks on your modem would be to use a VPN. The software hides your actual IP address by connecting you to external servers located in remote locations worldwide.

A VPN can also protect your modem’s internet connection, thus avoiding DoS attacks. When an attacker hits a target on the wrong road, the VPN absorbs traffic and makes it difficult to reach his destination.

These are anonymous networks spread all over the world. When you use this VPN service, all your traffic is transferred through a network of networks. This way, your actual IP address is kept hidden. The easiest and fastest way to protect and prevent your Modem from being denied service.

2. Antivirus and Anti-Malware

Malicious hacker can compromise your antivirus or anti-malware and firewall software, but it’s good for your first line of defense. At the very least, an antivirus program can stop hackers from getting your IP successfully. Another benefit of your security software includes protecting you from being a target when an attacker starts a DDoS attack on the gaming servers you are using.

The last role of Antivirus tools here is to prevent hackers from getting your IP. Another benefit of having robust security software like Antivirus and firewall includes protecting you from being a target when an attacker starts a DoS or DDoS attack on the gaming servers you are using.

3. Firewalls

Firefighters play a crucial role when it comes to preventing or avoiding DDoS attacks. AntivirusAntivirus tools can prevent hackers from accessing your IP address. However, Firewall tools can help users monitor all incoming and outgoing traffic. The firewall will alert if it detects any incorrect traffic. In addition, firewall protection can also prevent Trojan viruses from hacking your device. So, install a firewall on all computers connected to your network.

How to Fix a DoS Attack on Your Modem?

Of course, we have to admit that we may not have much luck to prevent an attack before it happens. In particular, users were unaware of the DDoS attack at the time, but later on, when they heard of the attack, they were shocked. However, there are a few things that can help you if you are already under attack. Here are a few things you need to do very quickly after a DDoS attack.

Change Your IP Address

However, if you can connect to the Internet during an attack, try changing the IP address your ISP provided to your computer. Therefore, follow the simple steps listed below.

Step 1. First, verify your Domain Address using the site

Step 2. Browse down the IP Address, and remove the Modem. Usually, different ISPs have different expiration dates for their IP addresses. Therefore, it is best to leave the Modem disconnected for about 10-12 hours to get a new IP address.

After a few hours, connect the Modem and check whether the IP has been changed or not. You have probably changed that your computer will get a new IP address.

How to Reset Modem IP address?

Step 1. First, open CMD on your Windows computer.

Step 2. In the command prompt, type config/release and press Enter.

Step 3. Now type in ipconfig / renew

This will reset your Modem IP address and will eventually stop further attacks.

Switch Modem Finally

If you believe your Modem is out of date and the software has been upgraded to new versions, you must get into business. Replace your Modem with a new device, and you will be set to the highest security. The technology is evolving, and the latest modems are pre-installed with security permissions to prevent severe attacks.

So the above guide was on How to Protect Your Modem from Denial-of-Service. I hope this article has helped you! Could you share it with your friends too?


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