How to Setup FiveM Proxy ?

Learn the Process

Secure your FiveM Server from DDoS Attack with Lectron !

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Lectron makes it fast, easy and cheap to protect your massively multi-user online applications from DDoS attacks using real time flow based analysis, accelerated with blended anycast network of 210+ points of presences and strategically placed Layer 7 PoPs in the fastest emerging regions of the world to reach your end users faster.

How to Config FiveM Proxy on Lectron Dashboard?

  • Protocol - select TCP & UDP
  • Origin IP Address- FiveM IP address
  • Origin Port -  FiveM Port
  • Proxy Port - Random port / Dedicated port (optional)
  • TLS mode - off (default)
  • TCP Proxy Protocol - off (default)
  • UDP Proxy Protocol - off (default)


After filling all fields click Save

Protect Proxy

You need to use the Protected Proxy IP and Port on your server

Origin IP

Its your server IP, DONT SHARE

Origin Port

Your server Port

Today Data Usage

Here you can see your server hourly usage

Created Date

Here you can check the date and time of proxy created

Add this three lines in your server.cfg

sv_forceIndirectListing true

sv_listingHostOverride "PROTECT PROXY"

sv_listingIpOverride "PROTECT PROXY"

sv_proxyIPRanges ""

Copy and Replace PROTECT PROXY with number IP 
  • Turn off your firewall 
  • Restart your server

Be Safe and keep Protected with LECTRON...


Some of the frequently asked question noted here.

How to create FiveM proxy?

The minimum amount of credit to be added to your account before creating a protected proxy is $10 USD. You only need to add funds, pay for what you use, and that’s it.

Can I create multiple proxies?

Yes. Although, to reduce cheats and abuse, we require that you have at least $10 in your credit balance prior to the creation of each proxy. If you want to create two or more protected proxies, just make sure that you have $20 or the amount of $10 x amount of proxies you want in your credit balance prior to clicking Create Proxy.

Can I edit the information in proxy after creation?

Yes. After creating a proxy , you will be able to edit it as long as you wish.

Can i get support?

Sure, our team is ready to help for solving any issues regarding with dashboard or any server issues.