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Why Lectron

At Lectron we aim to write all of the world’s software.

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Man Machinen Symbiosis

We are building the largest network of exceptional engineers, designers, and product managers in the world and augmenting them with tools, artificial intelligence, and a rich working environment.

Software Drives GDP

As software continues to eat the world, we have the opportunity to embark on one of the most exciting adventures of our time. By empowering software developers everywhere and democratizing the creation of software we materially impact global productivity.


The Changing Nature of Work

The nature of work is changing. In the future, companies will leverage remote talent similarly to how server resources dynamically scale. Although this shift is beginning, existing outsourcing options are often expensive or low quality.


Strength Through Data

Lectron achieves high quality at an affordable cost by building on patterns across thousands of projects. Every step in the development process leaves a digital footprint allowing us to build intelligent optimizations for project management at scale. Ultimately these efficiencies propel lectrons to superhuman levels of productivity.



Just this year, more than 200 developers have come together to work on over 300 projects bringing to life ideas in industries ranging from communication and dating to healthcare and agriculture.


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We’re just getting started. Join us to help build the future of work.

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Transforming software development comes with its fair share of challenges.
Here are a few that inspire us.

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Exceptional Customer Experience

At Lectron we want to package the UX of working with remote engineers into a delightful consumer grade experience. We amaze customers by getting them quotes within minutes of a discussion and spinning up quality teams on demand. We want minority report like experiences for our in-project customer experiences.


Exceptional Ffeelancer Work Experience

We strive to create tools and systems that foster a sense of community and lead to increased productivity. We build workflow and community reputation systems and analytics systems that help us ensure our best lectrons are earning increasing amounts over time.


Automated Project Management

Minimizing wasteful human cycles is key to the Lectron philosophy. With signals coming in from Github, Trello, Slack and other programmable collaboration tools, we can learn what affects real time project status and customer satisfaction. Challenges here range from building simple but elegant tools for templatizing management work flows and the automation of plans to an AI that makes intelligent decisions given the state history of a project.


Optimized Sales Process

Using everything from structured data to natural language collected in chats, we can solve interesting problems like qualifying our leads and tackle cutting edge challenges like building human level dialog engines in restricted domains.

Automated Team Formation

Building a software team typically takes a whole HR department. At Lectron, we write software to figure out the best team on the network for a given project and augment our algorithms with our crowd of project managers. Here we have to consider a host of features in addition to skills in order to assemble optimal teams.


Accelerated Software Development

By collecting semantically useful data from thousands of software projects and developing standards across lectron projects, we are able to build tools and frameworks to augment developer productivity. Challenges here range all the way from building tools to effectively annotate and curate a code library to developing a higher level language for developing applications.


Earn Good Money

Lectrons earn anywhere from $5K to $30K+ on projects that are about 1-2 months in length. On average you’ll book $5K per month in earnings. Projects are fixed price and so hourly rates can be extremely high if you are very good. For well planned projects you’ll earn between $50/hr and $250/hr. We’ve seen some people make $650/hr.


Work Anytime, Anywhere

As a lectron you can choose to work your own hours. What matters is the work you do and not when you do it. You can work a little during the week and a ton during the weekends. Part time lectrons tend to put in 10-20 hours per week but you can scale up to full time hours by taking on more gigs.

Work With Amazing People

Work on teams with 300+ amazing engineers, product managers and designers from top technology companies, universities and open source projects. Learn from your peers and be super productive by leveraging internal infrastructure built by lectrons

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Earn income anywhere, anytime freelancing on
interesting projects with amazing people

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