When we built our first product, one of the most popular Minecraft game server in 2012 that was called Waffle Minecraft, we were already all about speeding up the real time interactions in game, and network speec, and protecting the server machines from hackers. Today, with the launch of Lectron Cloud TCP Shield Proxy (A.K.A Lectron Cloud or Lectron Proxy, Lectron Cosmic Guard, Lectron Guard, etc…), we are taking a major step to protecting and speeding up other parts of the internet beyond just the web.

While Lectron’s regular services usually involved websites, and building websites/apps for other SMBs, all of which tend to use regular web protocols, Lectron Cosmic Guard is about all of the other traffic that moves across the internet. Or as we puts it: our Lectron Cloud proxy extends our protection surface to all 65535 ports on all internet protocols. To be clear, the fact that we bring this product to individuals and small businesses is important, because this is something you won’t find for the common people elsewhere. This type of product is usually only sold to large enterprises, such as a large financial firm that wants to ensure their various services sit behind a secure connection. Even though this type of product focuses on security, somewhat incidentally it does often speed up connections by optimizing network routing, improve hops quality, and lessen traffic congestions too.

As the founder of the company, I started gaining interests in protecting online game servers application or non-traditional applications in part because it an underserve market in which I was a customer looking for the right solutions since back in the day until now. However, most online customers were mostly setting up websites at the time. As the company’s customer base grew, and the market grew to focusing on gaming, virtual worlds, virtual reality, file and video streamings, enhancing the privacy and stability of emails & remote desktop connections, those customers went from small websites to more advanced web applications and mobile apps.

Lectron is talking to the major clients in varius countries and various industries and they are starting to ask for services that go beyond just protecting their websites. Most of our customers say “if Lectron is just protecting website, then it’s not an unique proposition, but there are many network applications that we don’t expose on the web that needs protection and speed improvement, that’s why we chose Lectron”.

With Lectron, those companies can now put their internal email servers, booking engines, IoT devices or even gaming servers behind Lectron’s network to protect them from DDoS attacks and other security risks. Indeed, I belive that gaming companies will be among the early adopters of this service, simply because they tend to have to deal with regular DDoS attacks.

Minecraft Gamers United and TGNetwork are a few of our early adopters. For that, I thanh you for your support.

Back in the day of my early gaming servers venture. Before building Lectron, we had to rely on unstable services and techniques that increased latency, worsening the user experience. That was a time that I wasted money for nothing. Now, we’re able to be protected and protect other customers’ gaming applications without added latency (we actually lowers the latency in most regions), and provide and share the service with others, which makes it the best option for any latency and uptime-sensitive service such as online gaming.

Our customers can also opt-in to then encrypt their traffic — something that legacy protocols don’t really support. Because traffic is then routed through Lectron network, these connections are also often faster than before. That’s not always the case, though, but I would stress that there is no performance penalty to pay either. Because of the kind of traffic that will move through our Cosmic Guard UDP/TCP Shield, we can’t work its usual magic of a traditional content delivery network to speed up sites by caching content at the edge, but then, the selling point here is security, not speed (although using Lectron would increase the network routing quality and speed and stability). Lectron is now available to individuals and businesses that want to sign up for the service.