Lectron Minecraft
True Survival Multiplayer Server

Server Address: mc.lectron.com


Map: map.mc.lectron.com

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How It Started

Lectron Minecraft is a popular and long-standing Minecraft survival multiplayer server. Find out what marks us out from the rest!

Lectron Minecraft started out as a combination of old servers that Viet York, the owner made since 2012. Those includes Waffle Minecraft, asdfcraft, sexycraft, and Minecraftly. Lectron MC was established in 2019 with the old data from Minecraftly. The initial aim of the server was to create a classic and timeless experience for players just as it was back in 2010.


The very first server that inspired Lectron MC was Waffle Minecraft, the first creation of the founder of this company, Viet York. Started out with only $5 at that time, the server became a success with millions of players a day and 800 players online at the same time. The motivation and the success of the previous servers took us to the place we are now building a long lasting server with unlimited world and even more amount of players.

Massive, long-established world
 Lectron MC has the largest truly public map of any Survival Multiplayer (SMP) server. It has grown to over 10 Terabyte in disk storage space, and has been explored and built in by over 50,000 unique players. 
Enhanced survival feel
Free starter kit, free fly ability by typing /fly. Everything you see in Lectron Minecraft has been built by hand, from legitimately harvested materials. We're sure you'll agree, this makes the epic structures here all the more impressive. 
Strong moderator team
Our moderators are friendly, active and highly experienced. They are happy to help, and will look after your interests in Lectron MC. Being a moderator is not a privilege or a reward - it is an important responsibility. 
Serious hardware
This server uses Google Cloud Platform infrastructure, with auto scaling to a maximum of 160 CPU threads and 3.75 Terabytes of RAM. Data storage is virtualized using Google Filestore and Google Cloud Storage for high throughput and IOPS to read large number of server files. The connection is optimized by Cloudflare Spectrum Enterprise, that proxies the traffic to 190+ locations around the world for both upstream and downstream. We want to make sure there is no lag when there are lots of players and mobs online.