Mobile Heatmap: One of the Best Tools to Visualize User Behavior

While traditional mobile app analytics provides key metrics and information on demographics, a mobile heatmap is an essential tool that visually displays user behavior in an app. Thus the value of heatmaps in tracking users’ app usage patterns is invaluable.

What’s the magic of a heatmap?

Heatmaps show where users click the most. This kind of information is being displayed by the intensity of the color. Usually, blue/green indicates fewer clicks since it is considered a cold color as compared to red which indicates many clicks and is considered a hot one.

In-app mobile analytics tools like Inapptics allow viewing heatmaps. You can see what exactly users are doing in your app through touch heatmaps. These are aggregated recordings of all user interactions such as swipes, taps on buttons, scrolls, and others.

A heatmap can answer a lot of questions including why your conversion rate has dropped down on a specific page or screen. You might consider this a complicated issue. However, the problem might be that, for example, users don’t understand where the “Purchase” button is and instead they click on something else and get an error message. And then, because of their negative experience with your app, they abandon it.

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