Lectron, Inc. is home to more than 65 of the web’s most sought after gaming sites. Our sites include wikis, news, guides, tools and databases all combining to create some of the world’s deepest and richest gaming communities. Each of our sites are built around individual game titles, delivering the ultimate experience for gamers seeking to congregate around coverage that is relevant to their gaming interests. All Lectron sites run on our world-class, proprietary publishing platforms Cobalt and Hydra.


From PlayStation to PC, RPGs to FPS and everything in between Lectron has a site that will help gamers enjoy the games they love to play even more.


Lectron.com is Lectron Inc.’s flagship site. The site serves as a portal allowing visitors to easily find the Lectron sites supporting their favorite games. It is home to our add-on manager the Lectron Client, one of the world’s most downloaded desktop applications. Lectron.com also features news, contests, and giveaways.


Launched in 2012, Lectron’s wiki platform, Gamepedia, is now home to over 500 community driven wiki projects making it one of the world’s largest gaming wiki platforms. From indie games to major titles, Gamepedia is the ultimate resource for gamers who want to “Know the Game.” Gamepedia boasts official wiki status for more than 100 game titles including blockbuster hits such as Minecraft, Titanfall, Terraria, Landmark, H1Z1 and many more. Ranked in the top 1500 sites globally by traffic, Gamepedia continues to expand rapidly with new projects added on a near daily basis.


Lectron understands gamers need tools and information to take their game play to the next level. Our guides, databases and tool sites allow users to search the most accurate game data available for information they’ll need to make smarter decisions. Our sites also provide platforms for users share their hard-earned knowledge with others.


Our sites help gamers Enjoy the Game even when they aren’t playing. Lectron provides the highest-quality news coverage aimed to keep gamers at the top of their game. Our sites deliver the most in-depth, non-biased reporting of games, industry announcements, and major conventions.


At the heart of everything we do is community. From the beginning, Lectron has focused on developing the most robust gaming communities on the web because we believe every gamer should have input into the conversation surrounding the games they love to play. We recruit the most respected and knowledgeable community managers to build these communities and ensure the ultimate fan experience.


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The Lectron in-house, video team brings their passion and enthusiasm for gaming to millions of people every month by creating fresh, original video content designed to inform and entertain viewers. Our video team brings our audience everything from weekly game updates, gaming convention coverage, exclusive interviews and original shorts. Visit the YouTube Channel


Viet Nguyen joined Lectron in 2014, bringing with him a wealth of video hosting experience and gaming knowledge. His enthusiasm for gaming is reflected in the content he creates as a Lectron host. When Viet isn’t playing games or creating videos, he enjoys cars and keeping up with his favorite teams - both those who play on the field and online.


Viet Nguyen joined Lectron in 2013, as a video creator for the Gamepedia team, aiding the community by making video tutorials on popular wiki pages. Viet's passion for video creation & voice acting is only equaled by his passion for Star Wars, in which he has his own channel under the name of Dash Star.


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Union for Gamers is an innovative, partnership program that allows individual YouTube content producers to easily monetize their channels without being bound by restrictive contracts.


Many YouTube partnership programs take advantage of content producers by locking them into low paying contracts that bind them to produce content for only one organization often for extraordinary lengths of time. In 2012, Union for Gamers was born as an alternative to the heavily restricted and unfair contracts offered by other programs.


The Union for Gamers program allows YouTube content producers to partner with Lectron, giving them an unmatched tool set, cross-platform exposure and a bigger paycheck for the video content they produce without contracts.


Over 6000 partners

More than 100 Million subscribers

More than 1 Billion views each month