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Social Networking

Social Network$12K, 4mo$15K, 4mo$12K, 4mo
Dating$15K, 4.5mo$18K, 4.5mo15K, 4.5mo
Bookmarking$21K, 6mo$26K, 6mo$21K, 6mo
Photo Sharing$17K, 5mo$21K, 5mo$17K, 5mo


Text Messaging$10K, 3.5mo$11K, 3.5mo$10K, 3.5mo
Video Messaging$10K, 4mo$13K, 4mo$10K, 4mo


Music Player$12K, 4mo$15K, 4mo$12K, 4mo
Social Music Player$14K, 4.5mo$17K, 4.5mo$14K, 4.5mo


Housing$15K, 4.5mo$19K, 4.5mo$15K, 4.5mo
Transportation$16K, 5mo$20K, 5mo$16K, 5mo
Auction$19K, 5.5mo$22K, 5.5mo$19K, 5.5mo

Local and Reviews

Local Directory$12K, 4mo$14K, 4mo$12K, 4mo
Local Check-in$12K, 4mo$14K, 4mo$12K, 4mo

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