We focus on efficient and streamlined process

Historically, it takes as little as 30 minutes to get started. That's how efficient we are.

High level understanding

First, let's try to quickly understand the problem you want to solve with technology on a high level, without digging down into the rabbit hole for specifics. Then we go from there. This Expert Advice step is free, and takes only 15 minutes of your time.

Scoping exercise

If your current requirements aren't clear cut upfront, let's do a scoping exercise with our world class product managers.
We will come in and help you articulate what you really want to build, then create a spec document and give that back to you. 
The scoping exercise costs $1000 to $7000 and takes 5 to 12 business days. 
You can take the spec document and implement the product internally with your in-house engineering team, give that to a different development firm, or you can hand it right back to us, in which case we will build what you need. 
If you come to us with the specifications already made, then we can go build that. 
In short, we require a clear cut spec upfront. We don't do agile work. What we do is closer to waterfall, and it's extremely efficient when the specs are clear. With the upfront well-defined scope provided, we  then provide a fixed pricing for the project, guaranteed, plus some flexibility during development process.

Development process

We manage the process through a series of milestones with you, the client. 
To ensure the highest possible quality in the market, our designers and developers aren't paid by the hours, they are paid by the milestones that they complete. We are also paid by the milestones that we complete to reduce your risk. 
None of it is hourly based. It's not a staff augmentation model. We won't give you individual developers, we only give you an entire team. The reason we do that is if we understand what you want upfront and we have full control over the team and how the designers and engineers operate, we can actually optimize what happens under the hood. 
The product manager is your main point of contact throughout the project to manage communications and prevent scope creep. 
This is not a marketplace where you meet an engineer and hire them, you push a button and our platform gets you the best team. It's simply about pushing a button and get software.

Success Warranty

Once unwrapped, your new software project is backed by Lectron's Success Warranty which ensures your project meets our Quality Standards for as long as you use it.