..Our story

When our CEO was a 3 year old kid in Vietnam, he was given a computer with Windows 95 and started exploring tech ever since.

Ever since he was 12 year old, he create his first client website for a local underground Airsoft Gun community. He saw the inefficiency in software development process, but was powerless to help.

So for the next 15 years he traveled the world working on a solution, and with the help of countless amazing people, invented a better way to develop software for people, from individuals to enterprises.

The result is SMART Development, a whole new category of software development that delivers beautiful results while guaranteeing the firm (i.e. Lectron), and not the client, is financially accountable for any and all surprises.

..One Day

Despite our colorful history, Lectron is just getting started.

You see, we all know that the traditional software development process—with its signature 2-month delays and $70K hidden costs—is broken, and that it will remain broken until replaced by something better.

This is why every day our team goes to extreme lenghts to make SMART Development accessible to individuals and businesses everywhere.